YellowThing Interview

YellowThing is 16 years old. His heritage is half Danish and half English. His family consists of him, his mother, father and sister. His favourite genre of games is strategy/puzzle games that make him think, like Civilization 6. His favourite games are Portal 2, One Shot, and Mario Cart DS.

When YellowThing engages some gaming communities, he does not like it because he has met some people that in his words “have completely killed his mood”.  Although on the flip side of things, he has met some of the best people he has ever met in his life, so it’s a lot like a double edge sword for him.

 YellowThing likes playing games to pass the time, but he also games as an escape. Say if he has had a rough day and things keep going wrong, he likes to play Portal 2 to relax and forget about the day.

He has a friend group at this school, it’s about ten people who are of mixed genders, but he also has another friend in the UK he likes to play with too. He also has about a couple of other friend groups, but they were not covered in the interview. With his friends, he likes playing Minecraft and ROBLOX, but with Minecraft, he lost his account thanks to Microsoft Account Migration.

YellowThing really doesn’t care if he has good teammates or not, but he does care about how nice they are. He prefers playing against someone his skill level because he does not want to destroy someone but still does not want to be destroyed.

The first game he loved was Mario Kart DS. While he was talking about it, I just heard how passionate he was about this game. He even listed all the reasons why he loved this game. He loved this game because it was just a marvel that they could do so much on such a small screen. He also said that when it was made it was such an amazing game.

YellowThing chose Level Up because he thought most other classes sounded boring, and at the time it just sounded like a cool class because you get to write articles about games and talk to people that share the same interests with you. He thought writing about video games would be fun because he used to run a YouTube channel talking about games. In Level Up, he HATES sentence stems, but he likes drafting articles and having them published. He also likes getting images and making them multimodal.

He is proud of the times he has beat Civilisation 6 on the hardest difficulty, and also when he speed ran Portal 2 in an hour. YellowThing is also an amazing writer, and just from reading one of his articles I can tell how much effort he puts into them. When I was reading one of his articles, I was so intrigued that I could not stop reading it, and it was amazing.

When he had to deal with lockdown and covid, he forgot a lot of writing skills from previous years. He was struggling until he did Level Up, and that reminded him and taught him a lot.

YellowThing used to like to cook and sometimes would even cook for his parents, but he prefers other things now. One of his more recent hobbies was music. He said that sometimes he just liked to lie down and listen to music, it sounds really relaxing.

When YellowThing said that he didn’t “get that excited about the new games coming out.” I was really shocked. He explained saying he still plays newer games, but he preferred some of the older games. I could understand this because there are some fun old games, and some of them have a simpler but better feeling when you play them.

The next games he wants to play in general are Cup Head, Hollow Knight and Civilisation 7. I have never played those games, but they sound like a lot of fun.

YellowThing does not know what he wants to be when he is older, but I can tell if it’s with writing it will be amazing. He still doesn’t know what he wants to be, but he does want to know how to drive a car, get a job and get a house. I hope he does well in the future and can face all his hardships with confidence.

Update: This year, YellowThing has taken on the coveted mantle of Chief Editor at Yelling at Children.

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