The Prestige Tree Rewritten: a strategic idle

The Prestige Tree Rewritten is an Idle game made by Jacorb. It is a remake of the original Prestige Tree (now called Prestige Tree Classic, you can find it here). The gameplay consists of resetting layers to get points, which can be used to buy upgrades, achieve milestones, and several other things. Each layer costs a certain currency to prestige, and the formula for the price varies. In the game, you start with ten points, and you have to prestige the first layer, Prestige points, to get an upgrade that lets you get points at a rate of one per second.

The goal of TPTR (in the current version, at least) is to reach 1e(3.14e16). That’s a one followed by around 30 quintillion zeroes. This may seem impossible at first, but by unlocking more and more layers, you can eventually get there. The next two layers you unlock are pretty simple, each one requiring 200 points (but once you get one, the other will become 5,000 times more expensive). The game can be found here. Whilst TPTR  takes a while to complete, it can be fun to play with all the options and challenges available. The game is also free to modify as long as you give credit, and The Modding Tree, or TMT, is a branch of the game made specifically for mods. Another branch of the game is The RNG Tree, a version which, as the name implies, is entirely determined by a random number (a seed, which can be changed). These branches can be found here. Even though there are a lot of branches and mods, the original is still quite fun.

TPTR, in my opinion, is a fun game, despite the grind. It requires strategy to win and finding out what the new nodes are can be interesting. Some timewalls seem impossible to surpass though, due to how certain nodes work, meaning you must pick correctly the first time, or wait a few days. The game can also get boring sometimes, but usually the nodes are unique from one another, which keeps it interesting. An example would be one of the later nodes, where you can choose between two different things to produce, and each one does something on its own, while debuffing the other. Overall, despite its flaws, The Prestige Tree Rewritten is a good game despite the negatives. It remains interesting through most of its playtime (though it can be a little confusing). I would recommend it to those who like idle games or strategy games.

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