Warhammer Video Games Compared to the Tabletop

Warhammer is most famous for its tabletop games, with Games-Workshop now worth over $3.63 billion dollars USD. These games include Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Kill Team, Necromunda and many more.

Now, the tabletop games and video games are completely different; the only games that are similar to the tabletop include the Total War Warhammer games and Dawn of War. I haven’t played Age of Sigmar, but I have played 40k. I’ve played Total War Warhammer, but I haven’t played Dawn of War, so I can’t really compare them to their respective tabletop version. But playing Total War does feel like playing a 1000-2000 point game of Warhammer, so it’s a great way to play Age of Sigmar if all your friends are unavailable.

Image: Fatshark

Then we move on to the non-tabletop games, like Space Marine, Darktide and Vermintide. I can’t really compare these games to the tabletop because they’re their own completely different thing. However, I like that you can’t compare them to any tabletop games because it gives a different perspective to the world of 40k and Sigmar. Like, in Darktide, it gives you a better look into the interworks of a hive world and all the small things that happen. With Space Marine, it shows the power of just three space Marines against the hordes of Orks and forces of Chaos.

So, Warhammer video games can be just as fun as the tabletop version and can sometimes be similar, which I think is great.

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