Review of Spiderheck: A game full of spiders and lasers

Source: The Spider Heck Presskit, Neverjam

Spider Heck, a game released in late 2022, is (as the title of this article suggests) full of spiders and lasers.

Image: Neverjam

Spider Heck is a game about fighting as a spider with access to various sci-fi weaponry, which includes, but is not limited to: lightsabers, mines, death cannons, and laser-shotguns. Who are you, the player, fighting? Well, it’s your decision. You can choose to fight AI enemies, such as bees with laser swords and laser ball-shaped-projectiles, or you could fight other players to the death to reach a certain number of victories. The game is quite like Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but with the player’s only moves being to go up, down, left, right, jump, web, pick up/drop, and fire the current weapon.  

Image: Neverjam

The game controls are simple-ish, with W/UP ARROW going up, S/DOWN ARROW going down, A/LEFT ARROW going left, and D/RIGHT ARROW going right. SPACE BAR Jumps and activates the web when in midair. LEFT CLICK uses the current weapon, while RIGHT CLICK drops/picks up weapons. On console, the right joystick is used for movement and the left for aiming.

The graphics are quite simple, yet provide enough texture to satisfy the player, with weapons having the more complicated textures. The lava has a simple looking ripple effect that glows telling the player to “Not touch it!” Portals are just glowing barbed wire; however, where the orange glow of the lava is foreboding, the blue of the portals are mysterious.

Screenshot: Yelling at Children

The game is available on every platform, for the cost of $10.49 USD, and $15.60 AUSD. I played the game on my laptop, which was a pleasant experience.

The developer, Neverjam, is as stated in their YouTube description “A solo developer attempting to make videogames, I hope. “They have never made any other public games.

Spider Heck is a good example of how simple graphics can be just as good as incredibly realistic, and mind-blowing graphics. The game rewards you for achieving things with not only achievements, but with also fancy hats, which I think is quite a good thing.

Image: Neverjam

With these reasons, I can see why Spider Heck has such a good reputation, and I hope you can see as well.

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