Doom 2016: A Demon Killing Review

If you like fast-paced games like first person shooters, and ripping and tearing apart demons, then Doom 2016 is the game for you. Doom 2016 is an extremely gory game and is not for the squeamish.

Doom 2016 is a 3D game starting on Mars then in Hell itself. This game has beautiful graphics, great environments, and amazing level design. It takes place after Doom 64.

In Doom, you have a variety of guns and weapons, like the shotgun, the chainsaw, frag grenades and many more. What will you use these guns on? The demons like Imps, Cacodemons, Pinky’s and more.

What you need to know about the levels in the game.

There are 13 levels in the game. The first level is the U.A.C. You can try this level for free on Steam by downloading the Doom 2016 demo. In the first level there are secrets, Elite Guards, a field drone and PDAs.

PDA stands for Personal Data Assistant and the U.A.C stands for Union Aerospace Corporation.

Elite guards give you points that you can spend to upgrade the Praetor suit (the armor that the player / doom slayer wears).

Screenshot: Yelling At Children

Field drones gives you weapon mods for your guns that gives your gun a special ability that can help you kill harder demons easier. If you have two weapon mods for one gun you can swap between the mods.

Screenshot: Yelling At Children

Secrets give you weapon points that let you upgrade your weapon modifications and make them stronger and more efficient.

In every level, there are two collectibles called Doom guy dolls. They unlock 3D models of your favorite characters, demons, and guns that you can check out the campaign menu.

In every level, there is a hidden lever that you can pull that opens a secret door that leads you into a level from one of the classic Doom games. You can play these classic levels in the campaign menu.

PDAs give you information about the levels in the game, information about the demons, information about guns, and information about some of the characters in the game.

In the second level, you are introduced to argent energy that can upgrade one of three things: health, armor, or ammo. Also, in this level you find thing’s called power ups that gives you buffs to make you stronger. For example, berserk give you the ability to rip and tear demons, speed up makes you and your weapons go fast, invulnerability make you invincible and quad damage make you do four times your damage.

In Level Four, you can find these glowing, floating rocks called runes. They give you a challenge and if you beat it, you will be given a perk to help you on your journey.

So, with that said, Doom is a great game to play, and I hope you can enjoy it as much as I did.

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