Hogwarts Legacy – A Treat for Harry Potter Fans

What is the game about?

Hogwarts Legacy is an RPG based in the Wizarding World in the eighteen hundreds. You start as 5th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; you explore, slay trolls, and stop an evil goblin rebellion. You also do main quests and side quests in Hogwarts.


The combat in Hogwarts Legacy is fluent and flashy; you use an array of spells, some to slam an enemy down into the floor. Some spells shoot fireballs, and some can outright kill an enemy.

You have a talent tree that adds different passives. When you use expelliarmus on someone, you can throw their weapon back at them, or you can do a magic dash instead of a roll. You can parry, and if you do a perfect parry, you can deflect an attack. The gear you get is not very interesting; all it does is add more damage or defence. There are only 16 spells in the game.


The world of Hogwarts Legacy feels so alive. Something interesting is always happening, people flying on brooms, goblins mugging someone, students practising spells and more. There are many places to go too: there are dungeons, troll lairs, goblin camps, poacher camps, dark wizard bases, mini-bosses, bosses and dragons flying across valleys. It’s all such a site to behold.

Should you buy this game?

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, this is the game for you, it really feels like your attending Hogwarts.

If you like RPGs, this is a pretty good one; your progression feels smooth, and the game has a good story.

If you’re getting this game for story only, I wouldn’t because the story is good, but for 90 dollars, there are games out there with much better stories. Overall, if you’re looking for a chill RPG or if you’re a Harry Potter fan, I would recommend this game.

Image: Avalanche Software

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