Terraria Coffee Flavours Have Arrived!

Terraria Coffee

Throughout the vast amount of time that Terraria has existed, apart from things like plushies and squishable toys, Terraria has never collaborated with any company to make a Terraria-themed item. For the first time, a post on Steam that came out on August 16th showcased that Re-Logic­ has decided to collaborate with Madrinas Coffee to make Terraria-inspired coffee flavours.

Image: Re-Logic and Madrinas Coffee

The Terraria Coffee pack comes with two unique flavours: Honey, and Maple Bacon. Both have exquisite tastes for people to enjoy. You will receive one Honey flavouring container and one Maple Bacon flavouring container with each having two different strengths to match the flavours. The pack also comes with a shakeable cup with the Terraria logo on the side of it as well as a Terraria-themed cup holder for said cup, all for the price of AUS$78.00?

Well, I guess beggars can’t be choosers, but I mean, c’mon Re-Logic, isn’t almost $80 just a little excessive? Well, I will make the grand sacrifice and buy the coffee to see whether or not it’s worth the money. As for the collectables, I reckon I’m going to love them and keep them until the day I die. I’d like to say I recommend the coffee pack, but not only have I not even tried the coffee yet, but also $78.00 is a lot of money. So, if you have the money to buy the coffee pack and you’re dedicated enough to the Terraria community, then you can buy all of the Terraria coffee that you would like here.


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