Trainz 22 Review

Trainz 22 is a popular train simulator game, mostly for simulating driving or filming trains. This game allows you to simulate driving a train in a realistic way. You can also download other people’s 3D model trains and maps to use for variety.

This game is popular with the Thomas the Tank Engine (TTTE) fandom; the game is often used for filming videos. There are many places to download TTTE content for filming videos or just mucking around. Many people create their own stories or just film nice visual shots with them.

A few games came before it, all under the Trainz brand, but the number at the end of the title signifies what year it was released, not the number of titles released — with the first being Trainz04. There were more editions, those being Trainz 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 12, Trainz: A New Era, Trainz 19, and Trainz 22, the latest in the series and the one being reviewed today.

Image: N3V Games

The game doesn’t have a primary goal. However, you can complete tasks in the game, like taking goods from one place to another. However, these are optional and not at all required.

There are plenty of mods for the game, whether engines, scenery, buildings, or maps! Many websites provide free models to download and use. However, some people will try and get you to pay for models; whether this is worth it is up to you.

The game is very realistic and simulates everything well. You can edit and create maps you like, making it highly customisable. This game is amazing for all train fans, and I highly recommend it to them. People who aren’t interested in trains may think it’s boring and pointless, as the game is not aimed at them, so if that might be you then I wouldn’t recommend it.

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