Risk of Rain 2 Review – Let it Rain


Risk of Rain 2 is an excellent third-person, indie, science fiction shooter game developed by Hopoo Games and published by Gearbox. Published on the 11th of March in 2019.

The game has been designed to make the player progress through an original storyline, slowly progressing through five different stages. Each stage has new enemies and also a tough boss to fight near the end of each stage. You can become stronger by eliminating enemies for gold coins, finding chests that spawn, and opening said chests to get a random item.

A great thing that you may notice while you play the game is that it runs very smoothly on your computer, with almost no lag. For starters, you will begin with the character Commando, who has abilities that speed up his fire rate, give him a small dash and also a piercing round for his weapon. As well as over 140 unique items, you can also get equipment, also known as an ultimate ability, and there are over 30 different equipment items which can make for some excellent itemisation.

Image: Hopoo Games

Risk of Rain 2 has got to be one of my favourite games that I have ever played. Trying different characters each run, trying new builds to suit said characters, and exploring all over the multiple maps. One of the best features of Risk of Rain 2 is the unlimited possibilities that come while playing multiplayer. I highly recommend not playing with random people who are online looking for friends and simply just sticking to your own Steam friends for it. Perhaps have a voice call going in the background as well.

From my own personal experience in Risk of Rain 2, I have found my main character to play is Huntress. Huntress is an archer with a unique ability skill set: her auto attacks are either a single shot or a flurry of three arrows. Her E ability is either a giant dash in any direction or three small ‘blinks’ that dashes her only horizontally. Her Right-click ability is a Glave that bounces up to six nearby enemies, dealing more damage with each hit. Her ability is either a rain of arrows in a spherical area or three supercharged arrows that deal massive damage. The best gimmick about Huntress is her auto attack, which allows her to automatically aim and lock onto targets with her basic attacks. Her passive is… alright, I suppose, giving her a 1% chance to perform a critical strike.

Image: Hopoo Games

Having over a hundred hours of gameplay time, I think I can reasonably say that Risk of Rain 2 is a fantastic game, and I recommend it to anyone who is willing to try it. Unfortunately, Risk of Rain 2 is currently $35.99 AUD, so it might be a little expensive for a lot of people although when it does inevitably go on sale, I highly recommend everyone buys it.

As for the rating I’d give to the game, it’s got to be a ten out of ten for gameplay, nine out of ten for graphics, and a six out of ten for storyline. This means that my overall rating comes to a magnificent 8.3 for Risk of Rain 2 for the topics listed above. I will not be including soundtracks in my ratings, but if I did, Risk of Rain 2 would instantly become a ten out of ten for the god-like music in the game. As I said, Risk of Rain 2 is currently quite expensive, but I highly enforce my opinion that as soon as you can buy it, you should. Thank you very much, Hopoo Games, for this beautiful masterpiece.

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