Rocket League Review – Flying Cars Do Exist!

Rocket League is a fun, competitive sports game developed and published by Psyonix on the 6th of July 2015. The game has been well-designed to make the player rage… a lot. Anyways, the way you play the game is right smack bang in the middle of complicated and simple. It’s easy until it’s not. All you do is drive a car and play soccer; pretty simple, right? Then, as you advance in progression and you find yourself in the ranked game mode, and you’ll find that you stand no chance unless you do a “double flip reset” aerial dribble, mid-air.

Image: Psyonix

On a less frustrating note, you can customise your car when you’re outside of a match. You can customise your blue team car and your red team car, so no matter what side you end up on, you can still express yourself. There are hundreds of different cosmetics, such as bodies, wheels, trails, patterns and much more. Just like every other game that wants to make money, there is a battle pass for rewards and a shop for more precise buying. Oddly enough, you could say that it’s pay-to-win because even though changing the colour of your car does nothing, the body (shape) of your car does actually change the hitbox, allowing different-shaped cars to pull off crazy moves. Although you can’t buy skill, unfortunately.

As well as being a fun and frustrating game, you don’t need to play it to enjoy it. Rocket League is a well-known eSports game that thousands of people watch. Unfortunately, it’s not as hype as watching League of Legends eSports, but it’s still great, nonetheless.

Image: Psyonix

For a conclusion of the game, I would give it a zero out of ten for storyline, eight out of ten for gameplay, and a ten out of ten for graphics. My conclusive rating for Rocket League is a pretty good six out of ten. My rating towards the game is a little unfair considering that I’m not an expert at Rocket League, and as mentioned, I get frustrated a lot, therefore making my experience with the game worse than others. I still believe that Rocket League deserves the six rating on my scale although it would be a ten out of ten if we were including music because, oh my god, the music is bopping. The game is still free and fun to try, so if you’re looking for something new to do, I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

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