Geometry Dash Review: Help, My Fingers Hurt!

Geometry Dash
Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a cleverly designed single player arcade platformer game that was designed and published by RobTop Games all the way back in 2013 on the 12th of August. The game is played quite simply: click. I mean, that’s all there is to it, right? No, even though this game is only clicking, it is still one of the most frustrating games that anyone could ever play — just getting to 97% before dying from all the stress that built up from as soon as you got past 40%. I myself have thrown, punched, and even broken multiple devices playing this game. Luckily, as you start to obtain your skills in clicking, you also start to calm down a lot. Geometry Dash has lots of different types of gameplay, like Cube, Ship, UFO, Ball, and so much more. RobTop Games also found a way for the player to express themselves by being able to customise their character, having hundreds of different unique icons, over 30 base colours and the same for pattern colours.

Image: RobTop Games

A quick tutorial for all the people who haven’t played the game: Cube – Click to jump in a circular motion and click when you are on top of a midair orb to double jump.

Ship – Hold to fly in a mountain shape pattern, let go to fall, both with gravity.

Ball – Roll and click to reverse gravity in the same way that the ship moves; you can only click when on an object or orb.

U.F.O. – Click to jump the same way as cube, except you can click midair to double jump as many times as you want.

Wave – Hold the mouse to accelerate at a 45-degree angle, and let go to fall at a 45-degree angle.

Robot – Click to jump, same as cube, but you can also hold to gain an upward thrust further in the air.

Spider – Click to swap gravity like ball, but instantly teleport to the opposite side of the level.

These are how you play all of the different forms, but there are also different portals, such as a portal that turns the player upside down, one that completely reverses the play direction of the level, and even a portal that makes the player tiny!

Aside from excruciatingly frustrating gameplay, you can find that the game is quite nice just depending on what level you choose to play. For example, there are levels that people have made that are ‘autos’. They are created to show off their art skills in game. Or perhaps it’s an auto of a really hard level to show you that you’ll never ever be able to complete it. On a more positive note, the graphics are fabulous but still playable on your 2013 computer. The image above was taken in 2013, just when the game came out. There are now four more categories you can customise: Wave, Robot, Spider, and Death Effect. Not that death effect does anything but look cool, but the other three make for some awesome new gameplay.

Bored of constantly dying to random spike that people have placed in their level to do nothing but be a nuisance? Well, not to worry, it’s time for your revenge! Another amazing thing about Geometry Dash is that you can make your own levels in addition to just playing the storyline levels. If you complete your level yourself (or with the help of a friend), you can verify it so that all other players can play it. I must warn you, though, if your level is absolute garbage, the difficulty will be certified as not applicable. But if your level passes the garbage test, it can be placed on the difficulty scale, which goes from auto, simple, easy, medium, hard, insane to demon. The demons are split into five categories: easy demon, medium demon, hard demon, insane demon, and extreme demon.

Image: RobTop Games

For my final analysis of Geometry Dash, I would say it’s a six out of ten for gameplay, seven out of ten for graphics, and, oddly enough, an eight out of ten for storyline. Therefore, an incredible eight for Geometry Dash. I think that my votes for how I feel about this game are a little biased because of how much I raged while playing this game. I’m also not considering many of the flaws in the game, like when I couldn’t complete Clubstep because of, well, I don’t even know what happened. It was supposed to be a safe spot where the level just cooks for a bit, but then you just die, and I’m not even going to mention how aggravating the accounting system is. But alas, I still think that Geometry Dash Deserves the eight rating, as it’s an awesome, well-designed game.

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