What is One-Armed Cook and why are people playing it?

One-Armed Cook is a fun and silly simulator which offers a rich game play experience with friends or by yourself.

One-Armed Cook is a PC game where you can only control one hand with a mouse, and you must move around with a keyboard. The game is like Hand Simulator: Survival where the controls are wacky and hard to use. Your mouse movement is very important with cutting and cooking food, and make sure not to drop anything on the ground because if you leave it for too long rats will take all the food.

First, you must go to a table with two to four people, and they will all give you an order to complete. There’s a bunch of levels so you need to learn how to make new things. You could be making burgers and fries, or fried chicken. You can also go to space with the new DLC, only costing seven dollars. These are three of my favourite levels to play with friends, the easiest map to play alone must be making pizza. It’s simple all you must do is get some dough, put it through a machine, and add toppings.

One-Armed Cook is made by a one-man development team called Duhndal who is an unknown creator because One Armed Cook is his first release. The graphics aren’t realistic at all, but in all fairness, he made the game on Unity, and he did make the game all by himself. Despite that, the game does not look terrible; it looks like an updated version of a PS2 game with some refurbished details.

Image: Duhndal

Duhndal released One-Armed Cook six months ago, and since then he has made two DLCS and five maps ranging from very easy to very hard. One of the two DLC’s is The Bar DLC where you take on the role of a bartender, and you learn how to make drinks using your handy notebook along the way. But the best part about One-Armed Cook is that its free; however, each DLC does cost a little. Overall, One-Armed Cook is amazing and is in my top five favourite games.

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