Mr. Trout Interview

________________How he was introduced to videogames________________

Mr Trout found out about video games when he was around three years old, when his parents bought him an iPad. One of the games he downloaded was Minecraft – “I loved it,” they said, “Even though it was a very early version of the game, I can distinctly remember playing it on my iPad and my dad’s tablet, just placing blocks and building a house. It was really such a good game. So, Minecraft and the iPad are what really introduced me to gaming.”

____________________Favorite childhood videogames____________________

However, this wasn’t the favourite childhood game of Mr Trout. In fact, their favorite childhood game was How to Train Your Dragon: Rise of Burk. In fact, they still play it to this day. “I still have an amazing save of the game still going today. I’ve been playing it almost non-stop for ten-plus years, and even after playing for that long, I’m not even halfway through the full game. It’s the first game I have ever truly loved and put so much time and effort into.”

__________________________Exploration games__________________________

Mr. Trout has constantly been playing exploration games since he was young, like the prior statement about Minecraft. Their current favourite game of this genre is Astronium. “It’s a game where you’re stranded on a deserted planet; you can find resources around the planet, construct buildings and do all sorts of things. It’s absolutely beautiful, and the graphics are stunning. It’s just amazing.”

____________________________Their Username____________________________

Now you might be wondering how and why they have Mr Trout as all their usernames, well, here’s how they came up with it. “When I was seven, I was going to create my first Java Minecraft account, and at the time, I was morbidly obsessed with the famous YouTuber Stampy Long Nose or as commonly referred to as Stampy Cat.” Obviously inspired by the YouTuber, they decided to take inspiration from the name and wanted to have the username Stampy something. “So, I cycled through five different animals, it started off as going through farm animals because I was only seven, like Stampy Cow and Stampy Sheep, and eventually I started going into random animals, and I thought Stampy Trout. My mum was like, alright and typed it in, and it was available, so my username became Stampy Trout, and then the trout theme went in every one of my usernames since then.”

_________________________Virtual Reality Games_________________________

Blade and Sorcery was the game that introduced Mr Trout to VR, and it has been their favourite video game since, for good reason too. “It is a beautifully made virtual reality sword fighting game, where you can interact with NPCs and sword fight them. There is also a metric ton of absolutely fantastic fan-made mods that you can use to add pretty much anything in the game.” Despite this being his favourite VR game and the one that introduced him, he also enjoys playing other VR games like Rec Room.

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