I Am You: a dissertation paper on the nature of life itself.

I Am You, the man, the myth, the legend. After winning cover magazine for “the sexiest man alive”, he has only risen in power. We spoke to him, live about his love of games, and what he thinks about the industry as a whole. In his younger years, he took the Templestowe College Level Up: Game-Based Writing class because “he likes video games.” Truly riveting stuff. Although he’s not just a gamer, he plays sports. Not well, but he tries.

One of the games he likes is BTD (Bloon Tower Defense) and when asked about why, he went into a beautiful speech that I can only do justice by showing you the auto dictate segment.

I Am You preaches ‘’Any tower defence game stop rambling go so my favourite dad events game at the moment is tower defence 6 because like all the monkeys and they pop the blooms and the blooms pop some more and then the moabs and then that there be IDs and then the zoey is the zombies zombies and then the bad lane and then the my labs that are really fast and well well the camo the”. This will be taught in schools for generations to come.

This exert also shows the innovative spirt of Microsoft word and how functional it is.

Image: Embracer Group (“Microsoft word works great” -Bilbo Baggins)

As a man with two brothers and one sister, I Am You deals with people all the time at home. This combined with his radical approach to gaming as seen in thought provoking statements like: ‘’I like gaming because it’s fun’’ will surely be seen in his writing.

Being both a gamer and a sport player, maybe he can be the breach between the two polar opposites that are jocks and nerds. The Mariana Trench of cultural divides. And I think we can expect someone of his talent to unite both with his writing in the future.

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