TOP 10 reasons why you should help Jimmy escape our offices.

This is Watchmojo, and we are counting down the TOP 10 reasons why you should help Jimmy escape our offices.

Number 10: The cell door is unlocked from the outside

We don’t know how this mistake slipped through editing, but it’s funny that it did and makes any assisted escape very easy.

Number 8: He has a wife and kids

Us at upwatchmojo see his focus on family very well written in this movie and any caring readers will help him see them again.

Number 7: Upwatch.mojo are holding a ransom

When we kidnaped Jimmy, we held him for ransom, but since his family are poor and no one else cares, he is stuck here to this day. However, you (the reader), could pay to set him free.

Number 6: The screams won’t stop

Number 5: The key on the boss’s desk

Now this might not be the key to the cell. It might be an identical copy of the key which doesn’t exist because it’s made of nanobots, so it’s instead an identical alien key the boss found that just looks like the key to the cell.

Image: watchmojo (avenger’s endgame trailer breakdown, THINGS YOU MISSED!)

Number 4: Jimmy has run out of ideas for reasons to help him, but that won’t make him reduce the number of things and just grasp at straws to fill all of them out just like every upwatchcount.mojo article.

And that’s our list for the TOP 10 reasons why you should set Jimmy free. Do you have any more reasons? Plop them down in the comments below and we will pretend to read them, ignoring any criticism and just keep writing meaningless sludge.


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