Enter the Gungeon Review – “Pew Pew!”

Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is a great bird’s-eye view action arcade shooter game developed by Dodge Roll and published by Developer Digital on the 5th of April 2016. The game has been well designed to be fun and enjoyable for almost all ages. You begin by playing the tutorial and learning the basics of the game. Shortly after, you will start your first run in the Gungeon. You slowly progress by picking up weapons and clearing rooms of enemies to eventually fight the boss. Pretty simple, huh?

Image: Dodge Roll

You begin Enter the Gungeon by entering the tutorial. It teaches you some basic controls such as how to shoot and how to move. After you complete the simple part of the tutorial, you start to learn tactics like rolling to dodge enemy projectiles and how to use Blanks. Blanks are a simple but important mechanism introduced into the game; activating a Blank (usually by using Q) will destroy all enemy projectiles on your screen. After the tutorial is finished, you can start your first run. You drop down into the abyss and find yourself in the first chamber, Keep of the Lead Lord. You progress through the rooms until you find the shop where you will buy absolutely nothing because everything is ridiculously expensive. Then, finally, you will go further into the boss room; if you’re lucky, you’ll also find some NPCs you can talk to along the way. The final fight on the first floor is pretty simple. The boss will either be a big muscular bird… with a machine gun, A lazy arse king who forgot how to walk so instead armed his throne to do the killing for him, or you’ll get the twins, where one is happy and excited. The other is miserable but has cool sunglasses to make up for it.

Image: Dodge Roll

As for a rating for Enter the Gungeon, it has to be a nine out of ten for gameplay, a seven out of ten for graphics, and an eight out of ten for storyline. This gives my rating an eight out of ten overall. Enter the Gungeon doesn’t have many, if any, flaws. The only problem with it is the repetitive gameplay. Just the fact that you have to do the same chambers every time you die can be quite infuriating. Despite repeating the chambers hundreds of times over, there is still joy to find within the game. You can try beating the game using every character, or maybe even every weapon. Another aspect to Enter the Gungeon is that when the player beats the boss on any stage, they gain some currency to use outside of the chambers. The player can use said currency to unlock different weapons to find back inside of the chambers. I still think It’s an excellent game, and I recommend that everyone gives it a try.  Thank you, Dodge Roll, for this wonderful game.

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