Minecraft Mobs I Could Beat in a Fight

Hello, fellow Mob Fighters! I’m guessing that you’ve heard of the hit game Minecraft, which is the most-bought game ever! That puts just a few questions in people’s minds, like which animals you could brutally butcher.

In this desert of discipline, I will be listing all Minecraft animals I could give the boot. The list will end when I find a Mob that I can’t beat. This will only include mobs from 1.16 and won’t include mobs that are reskins, like the wandering trader or mobs that don’t exist without cheats. I will be taking real-world physics into account so all mobs will attack me, and every mob will have the same proportions as in game; for example, a zombie will be six foot two inches tall and will be able to jump one meter high. Now with that information at hand, let us begin with the petting zoo of pain.

At the easiest level of difficulty, we have the F-Tier mobs. These mobs would most likely be dead in one punch or kick without any damage done to a human. These mobs include the chicken, parrot and bat. These mobs all exist in real life, and with the idea that I could catch them, one good punch would suffice.

Moving onto the next tier of torture, we have the D-Tier. These mobs would be able to hurt me slightly or be trouble to catch but would still be beaten. These mobs are the salmon, cod and ender-mite. With the salmon and cod simply being hard to hold due to them being slimy squirmy fish. I think they deserve this tier, and with the Endermite, most likely being able to bite my toes. I would say that deserves D-tier.

In the next pit of pummeling, we have the C-Tier, with these mobs being quite annoying to fight but still somewhat beatable. In this hell hole, we have mobs like rabbits, silverfish and cats. The silver fish has large sharp spines that stick out of its back, making it quite hard even to touch; the rabbit is more a problem with agility than attack prowess. The cat would be over a meter long making it a troubling task to beat.

Our second last meeting of maltreat is the B-Tier, with these mobs having a fifty-fifty fighting chance. The mobs of this tier include foxes, ocelots and vexes. With ocelots and foxes are wild animals with sharp teeth and quick feet and vexes having swords and the capability of flight. I’d say that that’s B-Tier material.

Image: Mojang

And in this final encounter of execution, It’s the A-Tier. giving me a slim chance of beating these mobs. These mobs are the wolf, baby zombie, sheep, pig, bee, pufferfish and the shulker. With the sheep and pig are large animals with strong legs and heads. The wolf is a quick, strong, and powerful force. The bee and puffer fish having poisonous effects, and the shulker being able to make me float into the air with a protective shell. I’d say that I lose against these mobs more than I would win.

In conclusion to this list of lectures, Minecraft is a brutal game with many accounts of brutal blunders, pleasing plunders and terrible torturous deaths.


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