MrHeeDude 72: A Legend in a League of his own

In the entangled land of the virtual world with hit games and major flops, one game stands out compared to the others for all the wrong reasons.  League of Legends, the hit 2009 game, has gained quite a reputation around unhealthy addicts and a toxic fanbase. Despite all those accusations, some players still have a way to try and keep their playtime and real life balanced.

Out of all these players, I gained some information from the player and Yelling at Children article writer MrHeeHaw. With this interview, I tried to dig deep into the controversies and stereotypes about League of Legends whilst also gaining more information about the positives of League. Here it is.

The introduction to League of Legends

MrHeeHaw was introduced to League of Legends by his brother and stated, “At first I had my doubts, but after a few games I started to enjoy it”. Ever since then, MrHeeHaw has opted into playing League of Legends whenever he has the chance to, like after or before school or before and after dinner and in his regular free time. Despite the kind introductions, League was yet to show its ugly side.

The kindness of League

The League of Legends community has its ups and downs, but it is apparently quite positive, giving fun and happy experiences during games and having a fun overall time. Sadly, this isn’t what the world sees when they look at League of Legends, and they’re not wrong for it.

Image: Riot Games

The other side of League

Whilst yes, League of Legends can be a fun game, it also has the sad side of 22-year-old sweaty men living in their mum’s basement living off of Doritos, Cheeto Puffs and the cries of the bullied children. These stereotypes do not fit everyone, but they certainly fit the descriptions of some low-life players. These players really ruin the experience for others and are hated across the community, but no matter what you do, you can’t get rid of them. They’re an infestation, a plague rooted too deep into the community ever to be tugged out into the light of day, where the grass shines green. They wrap themselves around other players, infecting themselves with their devilish acts and making them just as bad.

To be truthfully honest, League of Legends is a fun game and not to be hated just for the players. Although they may be bad, it’s just a game bro.

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