Nika Interview

Nika and his family came from a place in Vietnam, called Hanoi. Nika came to Australia because one of his sisters did, and his parents thought that Australia was better than Vietnam because of their better education, and Nika also likes learning how to speak English.

Although he lives at both his mum’s house and his sister’s house, he prefers to stay at his sister’s house because of his Asian mum. This is the case because his mum says things like “You need to get to bed at 8:00pm,” and “You need to eat when you are hungry.” I asked him if he had any pets, and Nika laughed as he replied, “No, because of my Asian mum.” But if he could have a pet, he would have a dog because he does not like cats.

He lives in a small two-story house with a small kitchen, and three bedrooms. His house is not very close to school. He has four sisters! One is younger and three are older.

It takes Nika one hour to get from home to school he thinks it worthwhile. His favourite school subject is Sports Skills, but he cannot do it at home because his mum and sister do not have the time to play with him. He likes this school because the teachers here are better than the ones in Vietnam. He chose this school because his sister went here last year.

He has been gaming for two years now. His first gaming console was a laptop, and he plays Roblox on it with his friends that live in Vietnam. He got into gaming because of one of his friends. One of his favourite memories of playing Roblox with his friend is when they beat a difficult game. He started gaming because he got very bored, so he does it to get rid of the boredom he has.

His favourite game is, of course, Roblox because he can play it anytime with his friends. His favourite game to play in Roblox is Bedwars. His favourite gaming platform is PC. He likes PC better than PlayStationand Xbox because it is cheaper.

When Nika is not gaming, he is either sleeping or watching YouTube. He like to watch an American Youtuber. One of his hobbies is playing soccer when he has free time. He is a goalie in his soccer team. He does not have a proper team tough; he just likes to play it for fun with friends.

I noticed his one-piece necklace asked him if he liked anime and he said yes. His favourite anime is a pirate anime called, you guessed it: One Piece.

His current article is about the importance of communicating with each other with videogames. He has also written an article about Roblox Bedwars.

Even though he chose Level Up because his sister did it for him, he likes this subject because he has two friends in the same class as him.

Wikipedia: Evan Amos

I showed him a picture of a Nintendo 64 controller and asked him to tell me what he thought about it, and this was what he said, “I don’t like this one. I’m glad they changed the design.”

Overall Nika is a gamer that has lots of friends, a loving family, and everything that makes him happy.

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