First playthrough review of the multi-sport game Riders Republic

image: Ubisoft Annecy

Riders Republic is a video game developed and published by Ubisoft. The game was released in October 2021 and has quickly become a fan favourite.

Riders Republic has impressive graphics, hyper realism and somehow runs smoothly on all platforms. The game has plenty of stuff to do and can become very enjoyable once you get into the groove.

When playing the game for the first time, you may find it’s very different to other biking games; what I mean by that is the steering, tricks, controls and overall character movement are very unique. I learned that from when I first got the game. I didn’t play for a while because the game was difficult, but I came back to the game eventually and ever since then I couldn’t put the game down.

image: Ubisoft Annecy

Riders Republic is also a great game to play with friends because of the competitive aspect of the game, but you don’t need friends to play as you will be paired with others in the multiplayer races. But be away that not all the types of races are multiplayer (it depends on the kind of race). The races within the game vairy between trick races, time trials and just straight up regular races.

Even if you’re not interested in the competitive aspect of the game, you can just free roam and ride around the map. There has also been a new BMX DLC which released a new mega skate park that has plenty of jumps to hit that allows transitions into one another. The game also has a lot of bowls, ramps and rails to perform tricks. The huge skatepark also has mini skateparks within the place.

The different skateparks within the park are very unique and different. There are dirt tracks, skateparks inside shipping containers, mega ramps, bowls and the main skatepark which is just a casual skatepark, but it also has a lot of jumps to hit transitions with. And with rails, and random jumps scattered around the park. You can easily transition from one skate park to the next This DLC, is essentially just a huge park with a lot of skateparks combined into one.

Riders Republic has different biomes on the massive map such as alpine now, a dessert with canyons and a grassland environment.

image: Ubisoft Annecy

There are different races you unlock along the way such as snowboarding, skiing, off road, regular bike races, and aerial. These races are very different and unique in their own way. For example, some snowboarding or skiing maps are a big slope with different rails, ramps and jumps to hit sick tricks.

The game has a wide variety of different vehicles, snowboard, skies, snowmobiles, jetpacks and weird vehicles such as an ice cream bicycle, jumbo bikes and much more.

Each time you complete a race you unlock a vehicle that goes with the type of race you’re doing, for instance if you complete a snowboard race you unlock a snowboard with better stats.

There are a lot of really cool races you can do with unique specialties such as one of the races I’ve seen before is a downhill bike race where everyone has a giraffe outfit equipped, and there are many more unique races you can do.

In Rider’s Republic there are a few modes you can choose that change the way you play, but can depend on your skill. These are auto landing, semi-landing and manual landing. I’m not that skilled, so I like to stick with auto landing.

image: Ubisoft Annecy

I highly suggest the game because of the awesome races and endless stuff to do, even without having people to play with. Although the game isn’t cheap and comes to around $100 for the standard edition, I can tell you that it’s worth the money because of the fact there is no ending to the game, and you can’t possibly get bored.

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