Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, the game that brought back my childhood.

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga is a game that has Star Wars Episodes 1 to 6 and puts them in a silly way. Come with me and you will see why this game might be the greatest Lego game of all time.

Image: TT Games

The gameplay is really good, being a game made in 2007. Everything about the controls are smooth and really accurate and responsive. I will explain the controls using the PlayStation 4 controller buttons because the game doesn’t tell you how to play it properly when you load the game and play the first level.

  • X is for jumping and selecting things on the menu.
  • Square for pulling out your lightsaber or gun and pressing again to either swing your light saber or shoot your gun. 
  • Triangle for getting on vehicles or switching characters.
  • Circle for using droid panels, switches/levers, the force, and bounty hunter bombs. Also, you can you it to go back on menu options.
  • Left joystick to move your character.
  • R1 and L1 to toggle between characters in freeplay mode with characters.
  • The options button to open the pause menu.

The levels in the game are incredible. Like in episode 1, you go from escaping a droid controller ship. After that you go to the Naboo palace. After that you escape the palace. After that you go pod-racing. Eventually you go back to the palace. To then you start fighting a Sith lord. All of that is in one episode and there are five more. It is a lot for one game, but the dev team were able to make it work. Once you beat a level, you unlock freeplay mode for that level, but you can use whatever characters you want to try and get the red brick and minikits in the level that you weren’t able to before.

Image: TT Games

The characters in this game are the one of the many reasons why I like the Lego Star Wars franchise because of how much they changed. My favorite being Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Magma Guard, and IG 88. Their design might be basic, but they are still good designs in my opinion. At the shop in the games hub, you buy characters that you cannot unlock from beating levels. So, you better save up your studs if you want your favorite character. Each character type in the game has their own unique abilities.

  • Lightsaber wielders use the force for combat or puzzles.
  • Gun wielders can use grapple points and shoot enemies.
  • Short characters can go through hatches.
  • Bounty hunters can throw bombs to destroy Lego metal, use bounty hunter panels, and a few have jetpacks that can hover over gaps for a short period of time.
  • High jump characters to get up to certain spots to continue the level.
  • Astromech droid can use astromech panels and can hover over gaps for a small period of time.
  • Protocol droid can use the protocol panel.
  • Imperials can use Imperial panels.
  • No weapon ones are useless. They are just there.
Image: TT Games

There is a collectable called gold bricks that you get when you either complete a level, collect a certain amount of studs, get all the minikits in a level, doing bounties, or just buying the gold bricks from the shop.

Red bricks are one of the most broken things in this game. In each level, there is a red brick. Each red brick gives a unique ability which either can be helpful or straight up silly. When you find one in a level, you can buy it in the hub with the studs that you have collected throughout your journey. Some are cheap, and others are expensive. But if you have the score multiplier on from the red bricks then getting studs is a breeze. You can active these red bricks once you have bought them. Go to the pause menu and go to extras and activate which one that you have unlocked.

Minikits are the collectibles that you can get in the game. There are ten in every level and once you got all ten in a level you unlock a mini vehicle that you can look at in the outside area of the hub, but be careful out there. If you have unlocked some bad guy characters, then the good guy characters will start attacking them and you if you’re using a bad guy character.

Image: TT Games

Also, in the outside area there is a bounty hunter bit where Jabba the Hutt gives you bounty’s and you can complete them to get studs and a gold brick. You and a bounty hunters go through levels that you have played and find the bounty using the blinker on the bottom of the screen. If it slowly blinks then that mean you are not close, but if it rapidly blinks then you are very close to the bounty.

So pretty much I recommend this game if you like Lego games and Star Wars.

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