Elden Ring Review – Ye Shall Love Thy Game

Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Elden Ring is an excellent third-person, open-world, fantasy survival game developed and published by FromSoftware with the help of Bandai Namco Entertainment on the 25th of February 2022. The game has been perfectly designed to make a fun and frustrating experience for the people who can be bothered to spend $90.00 on it.

Elden Ring’s main goal is for the player to find the shattered Elden Ring by passing through dangerous territories filled with countless enemies. You must fight your way to… convince your parents to help upgrade your computer because your janky old laptop will become a sandwich press when you try to run Elden Ring.

Image: FromSoftware

On a more positive note, there is lots to love about Elden Ring. For example, there are hundreds of weapons that the player can either buy or find; you can then upgrade said weapons with Smithing Stones and then use those weapons to beat bosses to get slightly stronger weapons. Aside from weapons, I must say that the gameplay is quite standard for games similar to Elden Ring, and there’s nothing too special about the in-game combat.

There is also an aspect of the game that we mustn’t forget – the graphics. The graphics in Elden Ring are astonishing, beyond human comprehension, and for a map this large, it makes it even more impressive. While the graphics are beautiful, it somehow doesn’t stop 90% of players from raging at the game. In my own experience, I always find myself fuming at some random boss but then finding a magnificent-looking landmark to cool myself down.

Image: FromSoftware – (A Magnificent Sight)

As much as I think Elden Ring is a fantastic game, I don’t agree with the price tag. I mean, think about it: Elden Ring costs $90.00 AUD, that’s a lot of money. This would be fine if that were it, but unfortunately, you can’t play your $90 game unless you have a $1,000 gaming computer. So really, the price of this game is utterly ridiculous.

For my rating of Elden Ring, it would be a four out of ten for gameplay, a ten out of ten for storyline, and a ten out of ten for graphics – giving my average rating for Elden Ring a great eight out of ten. Like I said, I don’t think Elden Ring is worth the money, especially because of how infuriating the game is. I mean, if you want to get angry at repetitive gameplay, then play Geometry Dash. It still has repetitive gameplay, except it’s so much cheaper. However, if you can somehow accumulate thousands of dollars for an amazing computer, then perhaps Elden Ring is worth a try. But I don’t recommend it if you’re not a millionaire.

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