Hypixel Skyblock: A Brief Overview.

Hypixel Skyblock is Minecrafts largest MMORPG. They used the aesthetic and framing of a game mode called Skyblock, but they made it into a much longer game, with 35-70k players at any one time. It’s a game where you can farm, mine, forage, and fight mobs for money and XP towards each individual skill. The aim of the game is to get as much money as possible and get the highest possible skill level. The reason it’s so popular is because of the server it’s on and the fact that it’s based off the game mode Skyblock. This means that the people that use to play Skyblock tried it out and got hooked, but that’s not the only reason, at the time of release (June 2019) games like this where not common in Minecraft, making people come check it out and enjoying it. It’s special to a lot of people because people played it during lock down, and it helped a lot of people socialise in difficult times which really helped peoples mental health.

Skyblock is a massive contrast to what it’s based on. The original has you stranded on your island while Hypixel has a lot more islands to explore. For example, The Park: to gain foraging XP and fishing XP. The Crimson Isle: late-end games players go to gain money, combat XP, and just to have fun.

Despite being call Skyblock, you barely stay on your island. You go out and explore and start getting better armor, tools and weapons, the only time you do stay on your island is to farm, farming is a great way to earn money and XP for farming, and that’s how you start to progress. You grind, earn money, get better gear and repeat.

“Why would you play the game?” I’ve heard people ask. I play it because of the multiplayer capabilities, dungeons, co-op, etc. It’s easy to play with people and enjoy the game, and also it makes this game much less of a grind. What if I have no friends you may ask? Well, it’s not hard to find some while playing. There is a wide variety of different Discord servers and sub-Reddits to find some friends to play with. Not to mention the 35k+ people who are playing at any one time. The game is also very easy to get, as there are plenty of things to do and so many YouTube videos explaining how, to do it. It might seem daunting, but after watching 30 minutes of YouTube and you will be able to use that information for tens of hours of gameplay.

It’s not all good though, there are some bad parts. For example, if you care too much about it, it can suck you in. There is also the semi-toxic community, or there are scammers — an issue that plagues most games that have trading mechanics, and they will do almost anything to suck you dry. Even ratters, people who will do anything and everything to gain accses to your account, who give you links or invite you to Discord servers to take your account. So, it’s not all good, and that is not even mentioning that you need a $35 Minecraft account to even be able to play.

This game has been a really fun game for me It helped me socialise during lockdown. It gave me things to do when I was bored. It’s just an overall fun game, with a lot of possibilities to connect with a dedicated fanbase and a game that can keep you bust for a while. I would recommend giving it a try.

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