Everything Must Go!

The title screen of Everything Must Go! featuring the name in large yellow text on a purple background.

Everything Must Go! is a game made by Free Lives for the Ludum Dare Game Jam 54, where the player must sell all of a fictional company’s stock before you run out of storage. The game was made using assets from Free lives’ Stick it to the Stickman. The game is free and downloadable on itch.io.

Before you play, you need to choose the product you’re going to sell. You have options between soap, knives, and deodorant. I will be using the soap for demonstrative purposes.

A screenshot of the game's first week's warehouse's storage.
Screenshot: Yelling at Children

The game consists of a loop of three minigames. The first of which is writing the advertisement. The player must kick the writers to get them to write, and if the word they say isn’t satisfactory, you kick them again. You have a time limit of 14 seconds to get a satisfactory sentence, and points are deducted if the words say anything negative, or if there is any variation of the word ‘um’. You can get a bonus point for each time you say the product, every time you alliterate, when you say something positive and whenever you don’t make a proper sentence. A good example is ‘Slippery Soap Tremendous’.

3 red stickfigures sleeping at their desks, while a blue stickfigure stands in the left edge of the picture.
Screenshot: Yelling at Children

The second minigame is the music for the advertisement, where the player must move the arrow to be in line with the musical bar. You get points for how many bars you get, the maximum being ten points. However, you can get bonus points by using a good instrument, which gives you one extra point, or a sexy instrument, which gives you four extra points.

a blue stick figure in a bowtie sitting on a purple couch, while a blue arrow plays
Screenshot: Yelling at Children

The final minigame to do is the actual advertisement, where you must beat up people in costumes. The player gets scored depending on how many people they beat up, for example you get a six if you kill all of them. You get two bonus points if you didn’t kill the crew and/or if you stay in frame for the entire ad. You can get three extra points by selling a free potted plant with every purchase.

A blue stickman in a costume of a bar of soap costume fighting red stickmen with germ hats. this takes place in a film studio.
Screenshot: Yelling at Children

After you finish the final minigame, you get shown your score, and how many of the product you sold. Depending on how much you sold, you get upgrade points that you can spend, each thing you unlock reveals the next option.

an upgrade tree with three branches, and for upgrading writing, one for upgrading the music, and one for upgrading the filming.
Screenshot: Yelling at Children

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