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Toothfairy profile piece
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ToothFairy appears just like any other Templestowe College student. However, behind his laptop screen, you might catch him dropping into Tilted Towers in Fortnite or practicing for the New York ballet. There are two facets to ToothFairy: the gamer-side and the lacrosse-playing dancer-side. Regardless, he loves both pursuits for the adrenaline rush they provide.

I began by asking ToothFairy why he joined Level Up. Anticipating a detailed response, he simply said, “Because I suck at writing, and I want to improve.” ToothFairy’s forte is not tradtionally been in writing, and he jokingly attributed his hesitation to share articles to his ‘allegedly’ broken computer.

ToothFairy’s gaming journey has a rather typical origin story. His earliest gaming memory dates to his childhood, playing with his family on the Wii. “They were playing ‘Bowling, Golf, and Winter Sports,'” ToothFairy recalls. Growing up in a large family, he reflects on the pros and cons of his family dynamics. Singling out his disdain for mornings. Describing the household atmosphere with brothers as either, “Stop it! What the hell are you doing! Get away from me, you annoying brat!” or “Hi ToothFairy, good morning, I want to hug you!” He laughed as he momentarily relived the experiences.

Beyond the occasional bickering, one thing unites ToothFairy’s family— gaming. As a gamer, he lights up when discussing playing Fortnite and Horizon Zero Dawn with his brothers. Regardless of the outcome, the shared experience provides a rush, particularly when they secure a victory. ToothFairy laughs, “Every time I win with my brother, we start jumping up and down because we know we won. Like, ‘Yes, we won! Let’s go! Sweet, alright, time to turn it off.'” Like many gamers, ToothFairy and his brother prefer to conclude their gaming sessions on a high note, recognising that ‘one more game’ can easily turn into hours.

While passionate about gaming, ToothFairy acknowledges the importance of balance in life. In addition to gaming, he enjoys playing lacrosse and aspires to be a dancer for the New York Ballet. ToothFairy has been dancing since the age of eight, and some might argue that it’s his first true passion. If not for his inflamed heel, he would likely be practicing his dancing while conducting this interview. “I dance every day, except for Mondays and Fridays,” he notes.

Reflecting on the evolution of gaming, ToothFairy marvels at how far the industry has come. “Recently, games have been outstanding,” he comments. ToothFairy’s passion for gaming allows him to escape from the world while still staying connected with family and friends, grounding him as he pursues his life’s goal. Dedicated to his art, ToothFairy proudly mentions his audition for the New York Ballet this year.

Whatever the future holds for ToothFairy, we can’t wait to read what his next article is about and wait with bated breath for a possible article on ballet filled with his insights and extensive knowledge of the craft.

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