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Super Chibi Knight
Super Chibi Knight

Super Chibi Knight is one of my favourite games, developed by PestoForce and polished up and published by Armor Games Inc. and PestoForce in 2014 on December 1st. The first game in the series, Chibi Knight, was independently created by 31-year-old Nick Pesto, while his 6-year-old daughter miraculously did the fantastic drawings.

Two years pass, and the two find the motivation between their bonds to make the sequel to the already incredible game, but this time, they have been offered help by Armor Games Inc. to publish their game.

I remember playing the beta release where you could try the game up to the split choice.

You start the game in your house and are given a sword; then you are told to read some books in the nearby library. As soon as you leave the safety of your home, you realise that there are tons of enemies to fight, all to defeat the great evil, Tso. Tso was the main antagonist in the original game, taking the form of a giant beast. After defeating him in beast form, his underlings help revive him, which you could say created the sequel for the game. Not to worry, Nick has hinted that there will be a third game on its way… hopefully.

Image: PestoForce

The only real design in Super Chibi Knight that makes it irritating is all the inground spikes that are scattered across the map, which also deal unlimited damage regardless of armour. These spikes make it difficult to do the already nigh impossible – beating the game without dying. On a more positive note, there are tons of hidden secrets that you can find in the walls of the map wherever you might find yourself. These secrets either give you the lore of the game or just a giant bag of XP to boost your levels, although they can sometimes be tough to find.

Back to the storyline, you begin in a small village where you must help do small tasks for the other village members, like killing the hive or finding glow flies. After enough tasks have been completed and enough bosses have been slain, you are forced to make a split decision. You can either go to Yajuu Mountain or Mahou Island. Yajuu Mountain will allow the player to obtain the skills of the beast master, being able to summon Gallo the bird, Suino the armoured boar, Buffo the buffalo, and Hebi the dragon. When returning to the village, you will be forced to fight two super phoenixes before progressing any further. The other option you can choose is Mahou Island, which is far harder to beat, where the player can obtain the skills to become the spell master. Being able to cast the following spells: The Life Spell, which grants the player a small amount of HP; the Lightning Spell, which deals enormous damage to all enemies on screen at the cost of all of your mana; the Ignition Spell which gives your sword the ability to attack ice enemies and also gives it a little bit of bonus damage, and the Shield Spell, which I think you know what it does. Although this time, when you return, you must defeat the giant stone golem to progress.

Image: PestoForce

I highly recommend this game to everyone who can be bothered to give it a try. It costs $7.99 AUD, but I think it’s definitely worth the small amount of money. Also, I will force the recommendation further to the people who have played and enjoyed the popular game Hollow Knight as it’s practically the same, except Super Chibi Knight is a little simpler.

As for a rating for the game, I would give it a seven out of ten for gameplay, eight out of ten for graphics, and a ten out of ten for storyline. This gives my total accumulated score an awesome eight out of ten for Super Chibi Knight as a whole. Although I am a little biased towards the game because of how much I enjoyed it as a small child, I still think that the score is relatively reasonable, especially because I haven’t pointed out some of the flaws that this game has, such as the fact that at the beginning of the game it forces you to use the arrow keys instead of what the player might prefer, and also the fact that you can’t use your mouse.

As I said, I think the eight is still a fair overall score that I’d give to the game as it is well-rounded and cleverly designed. I hope many more people play Super Chibi Knight because of the inspiration I have presumably enforced from this article.

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