Factorio Review – The Automated Planet


Factorio is a cleverly designed game, developed and published by Wube Software to create an event that happened on the made-up planet – Nauvis, where the player crash lands and, by a miracle, survives. The game was first released on the PC on the 25th of February 2016 and was fully developed and handed to devices like the Nintendo on the 28th of October 2020.

The game is all about trying to escape the planet by creating a giant automated rocket creation system across the face of the planet. Unfortunately for the player, the aliens on Nauvis are very hostile and don’t like all the pollution your machines have created. Not to fear, though, as your friends can join you in your perilous journey for Factorio is multiplayer so that everyone can join, or if you prefer, you can play just with your Steam friends.

Image: Wube Software

Slowly but surely, your base will expand into a mess of conveyor belts, wires, and other types of random technology. The goal is to have your devices make useful materials to escape Nauvis. You will start to research new technologies that you can use to speed up your automation of more useful items to help you research new technology, which will… I’m sorry, I should stop. As I said before, there are aliens that will slow down your progress, or if you’re unlucky, they will make you completely restart your game. The aliens are quite annoying, but they do add a challenge to Factorio. Thus, the game would be too easy without any threat. This makes the player have second thoughts about how much they are progressing. Another great feature of this game is the vehicles: the car, the tank and the newly added Spidertron!

Image: Wube Software

For a final summary of the game, I’d like to point out some more great things about this game. One of these is that you can play this game nonstop for weeks without getting bored. Not only that but if you choose to play with your friends, they won’t get bored either! Just the sheer number of layers that Factorio has is incredible. If you haven’t played the game before, just look at the image above and try to figure out what’s going on.

For my rating on Factorio, I would say it’s a nine out of ten for gameplay, eight out of ten for graphics, and six out of ten for storyline, having an overall 7.7 out of ten. I think that my rating for how I feel about this game is fair as I have considered many of the flaws in the game, such as if you don’t save manually every 30 seconds, you can lose hours of progress within minutes. I enjoyed playing this game a lot more than I would have ever expected. Although, without a doubt, I still think that Factorio deserves the seven-point seven rating, as it’s an incredibly well-designed game.

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