Is Project Smash better than Smash Bros?

Project Smash… a new popular game on Roblox, it’s a battlegrounds game that’s inspired by the Nintendo Game: Super Smash Bros.

The game mechanics are identical to Super Smash Bros. When you fall out of the battlefield in Super Smash Bros, you have to double jump and use your moves to get up. In Project Smash, the mechanics are kind of annoying because you have to double jump and use your moves, but also look up at the same time.

In the game, you collect money by killing players, to unlock new characters and a new emote (emotion, acting). There are also ranked duels, where you can 1v1 or 2v2 people, bully people and then laugh at them, spamming “easy” or “Loser” which is very toxic, I would feel sorry for them.

In the game, there are different characters in the game. The different characters will increase the cost of money in the different tiers (series of levels). Each Character has 4 different moves based on how strong it is. The character’s names in “C Tier” are Ninja, Knight, Archer, Boxer, Sumo, Viking, Bandit and Rogue. In “D tier” The characters are Monk, Golem, Cyborg and Samurai.

The animations like running, wall climbing and jumping are smooth, the visual effects are very colorful and it’s a reference to “Super Smash Bros.” when you fall at the edge of the map. In the future, I think the developers could make the visual effects a bit less colorful. The characters have different designs based on their personality, but some of the characters, like Cyborg, are rip-offs from The Strongest Battlegrounds. For example: Cyborg is a rip-off from the character named, “Genos” because of the arm design. The arm design on Cyborg and Genos looks identical.

Overall, I would say that the game is good, the game has great characters, animations and visual effects. I think I would recommend this game to people who are interested in and to others that are Super Smash Bros. fans.

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