Pilot Flight Training Simulator Review as a Player

Pilot Training Flight Simulator (PTFS), developed by Orange12345 and launched on January 4, 2010, offers a unique free roam flight experience within the Roblox platform. The game’s physics exhibit quirks, allowing for unconventional manoeuvrers such as ascending vertically without speed loss or stall, though throttle disengagement can result in a stall. Notably, reverse thrust can be utilised mid-air and during landings.

Image : Roblox

Copyright constraints in PTFS lead to amusing alterations of airline names (e.g., “Belta” instead of Delta) and whimsical knock-offs of real-world airlines. Despite its eccentricities, PTFS features an array of aircraft ranging from the humble Piper Cub to the colossal A380 and the legendary An-225, along with the revered A330 for its smooth landing capabilities.

Image: Roblox

The absence of crash physics permits seamless interaction with aircraft, although most lack functional doors and landing gear animations. Nevertheless, the inclusion of Air Traffic Control (ATC) facilitates immersive role-playing opportunities, allowing players to assume various roles such as ground crew, passengers, or captains. The possibilities are endless, from adhering to protocol to engaging in adventurous quests like landing an A380 on Saba’s challenging runway or manoeuvring an An-225 onto a diminutive airstrip.

Image: Roblox

Initial impressions of PTFS may have been tainted by the lack of mobile controls, leading to initial scepticism. However, upon transitioning to a computer platform, the game’s appeal became evident, leading to consistent engagement and investment. Excitement mounts for the forthcoming update introducing the ATR-72 and AN-22, complete with functional cargo doors, promising enhanced gameplay experiences for enthusiasts eagerly anticipating its release.

Thank you for your interest in PTFS, and happy flying!

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