Heaven Stand: Rework review

Heaven Stand: Rework, is a Roblox online fighting game where you fight other players by using different anime characters’ powers to destroy the enemy in battle. The game started development back on October 11th, 2023 by a group called “Heaven Stand: Studio”. The game can be found by searching in the Roblox website’s browser, allowing you to find games by their name.  

The gameplay mechanics include combat, block, dash and running, as better mobility options. To activate an ability, you press the set Keys/Buttons on your device, The game only supports these devices: computer, laptop and mobile devices. 

Heaven Stand: Rework has unique parts that are different from other Roblox games that can be seen as trash (bad), where you can fight other people by using different anime characters; each character has different abilities and skills, whether they’re strong or weak.

The game is just about using your abilities against your opponents and grinding up your level meter; add more about the gameplay.

The community in Heaven Stand: Rework is full of chaos and toxic players, although some of the community members in the game are kind and generous. The game says it’s for any age because the game is still in development. But I would recommend the game to people who are at a certain age, like 13-14 since the game has violence, flashing lights, and brutal deaths. I would also recommend the game to people who like anime because of the anime art style and abilities you can perform.

In the future, I think if there was an update in Heaven Stand: Rework, I would like there to be more characters, make the screen a bit less bright, and add a buff (strong) and nerf (weak) to some of the characters. The map in the game has a nice design; it has a lot of details that are barely noticed, for example, The colosseum on the left side of the map, Houses in the middle, A bridge to a grassy field and much more. My final thoughts on the game are that Heaven Stand: Rework is a fun online game, but I think that the developers could improve the game by fixing the bugs and glitches with the combat system. Overall, I give this game an 8.7/10 because the game has great visuals, like the animation, effects, and the combat system.

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