Satisfactory: Killing the NPC’s for the sake of production

Being an engineer is fun, but you know what is better?

That’s right! Killing NPC’s for profit! I love murdering the local NPCS of this land, it is so funny watching them unable to breathe from the pollution. While I’m sitting in my 60-million-dollar house with fresh oxygen 24/7, it is a great life the factories are producing, and I’m making that bag. Oh, has the power in the factory run low? We’ll just build another coal power plant and let the CO2 flow!

Satisfactory is a great game, it’s very similar to Factorio, but it is still a great game. You get to kill NPCS, you get to destroy the environment, destroy the planet, destroy all the wildlife with large weapons and suck plenty of resources from the planet. This is all to help the war effort on your home planet.

I love cutting down millions of trees just for one extra factory or power plant, and I don’t even feel bad because the NPCS are the invaders. GAHHHH, I MUST KILL THEM ALL!! I’m sorry for my little …. outburst, but I just do not like the NPCS, I’M NOT RACIST OR ANYTHING BUT I JUST HATE THE NPCS RAAAAAAAHHHHH.

Eventually, you run out of resources on the planet, and you just leave and go to a new one. The cycle begins at that moment, so you move on to the next and the next until you are all out of planets to go to. THEN YOU START DESTROYING PLANETS THAT ARE INHABITED, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, KILL, KILL THEM ALL, HAHAHA.

Umm, well, now we have no more planets left, what will we do now?

Destroy NPCS in different galaxies?

Destroy everyone?

Switch to green energy?

WRONG, it is none of them. We enter the multiverse and kill God, and then we become God, and then we destroy the multiverse, and then it’s all over nothing but deep space left.

Personal thoughts

Satisfactory is a great game with a great atmosphere (funny, I am saying that when the planet you are on has one that is polluted because of multiple years of factory growth). It is a fun game, it takes you hours and hours to build a large factory, and green energy is available (but who is really going to use green energy?). Satisfactory is a great game that I would play again.

Image: Coffee Stain Studios

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