The Rise And Fall of Sauropod Studios: The Story Behind Castle Story’s Development

Welcome to the lovely little world of an indie game called Castle Story. Castle Story is a voxel-based creative strategy game about building castles brick by brick and defending them against enemies to protect your little yellow beans called bricktrons. You can build, craft, mine, cut wood, etc.

Who Made Castle Story?

Castle Story was developed by indie game company Sauropod Studios.

On the 24th of April, 2012, Sauropod Studios was founded by Germain Couët, François Alain and shortly after Benoit Alain.

The story behind the founders

After graduating from game design studies in 2010, Germain Couët and François Alain, shortly joined by Benoit Alain, wanted to create games that explore different genres never mixed before. Combining computer and tabletop game design with the right amount of creativity and imagination, together, they founded Sauropod Studio. The name Sauropod Studio came after they realized that all of them shared a childhood love for dinosaurs (love that, obviously, survived to adulthood).

The rise of Sauropod studios

A little over a year after Sauropod Studios was founded, they started working on Castle Story. They continued to work on it until September 2013, when they released an early access build, people loved it, the game and the studio gained lots of traction. They were able to update Castle Story more frequently because they could hire more developers to work on updates. However, in 2019, after multiple months of not updating Castle Story, they announced Mirador, Sauropod Studios’ new game, and this is when the downfall started.

The fall of Sauropod studios

After they announced Mirador, the community that enjoyed Castle Story was outraged. This wave of hatred made the devs not want to continue updating Castle Story. This made the community even more outraged, and Sauropod Studios was getting review bombed like crazy. Soon, the company was taken off of Google Maps and every map, and then eventually, after the dust cleared, Sauropod Studios was in ruins. They had to lay off hundreds of employees just to pay the electricity bill, and eventually, the lights at Sauropod Studios turned off for the last time.


Sauropod Studios had a successful first couple of years, and then it all went downhill from there.

I’m 99% sure that they shut down permanently and the founders filed for bankruptcy, But you just never know if or when the rise will happen again.

My personal thoughts on the game

Castle’s story has captivated me with its adventure and building aspects. I love the little bricktrons and the purple guys called corruptrons. The corruptrons are just so cool. The game also has a very unique art style and a great soundtrack.



Image: Sauropod Studios

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