Discord review

On May 13 of, 2015 Discord was born, a gamer’s dream platform. On this platform, you chat with friends or with random people endlessly. As well as that you could talk with your favorite youtuber, ruin Discord chats and talk about your favorite subject. You can optionally get Discord Nitro which is a monthly payment with 4k streaming options and can use different sounds from all the other discord servers you have joined.

Image: Yelling at Children

Some of the pros of Discord include you can use their built in soundboard as a funny way to communicate through Discord calls. Servers operate by having different chats and roles in servers. The chats could be with anyone, And chat with people who love your favourite YouTube videos and channels.

Image: Yelling at Children

Some of the cons are that chats have no filters, and you can’t make your own sounds while in friends chatting with friends unless you have a nitro or use Discord’s inbuilt soundboard. A file with a virus could be posted, but no one knows until they click on it and download it.

Overall It’s a great platform to post jokes about memes and so much more as a community. If somebody else makes a platform to compete with Discord, it would win by its amount of users and its channels. I’ve been using Discord for a while and I like it because I can talk to friends while I play video games.

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