Kirby and the Forgotten Land

This is my first foray into the Kirby game franchise.

If you like wasting your time on random things then I suggest you to play Kirby and the Forgotten Land. If you get bored of the story, you can always look at one flower for 10 hours.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land has been really popular because it is a good platformer, and it has a bit of an open world feel when you play it. Overall this game is pretty good and it’s not too hard for new players, although there are difficulty options if you’re looking for a challenge. Where it falls down is in the story.

Kirby has a weird plot and it’s hard to explain in text. The main upshot is that Kirby is sucked into a portal in the sky and got taken to another dimension where he washes up onto a beach. After Kirby wakes up, he goes into the forest nearby, where he finds an abandoned city covered in moss and grass. In the city, Kirby is transformed into a car because of …. circumstances. As he explores further, he sees that a flock of crows are trying to capture the city’s creatures and carrying them away in cages. From here the story is simple: your job playing Kirby is to try and save the creatures. And that goes on for about 50 levels (and at the end of each area, there is also a boss fight).

I think that this game could use some more variety but it did come out in 2022 so it’s a little late to fix it. The next installment (hopefully on the next Nintendo console!) would definitely benefit from a  better story. If you are going to buy this game I hope you have fun but you’ll probably finish the game pretty fast, if it’s not your first platformer. If you do enjoy this game, you’ll probably knock it out in, like, 3 or 4 sessions. (Though I guess you can always 100% the game.)

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