Is Sudden Strike 2 good today?

If you don’t know what the Sudden Strike series is, I’ll explain it to you in simple terms. Sudden Strike is a game series set in World War 2.  You can play as Germany, Japan, Britain, the USA, and the USSR. You control a unit and capture, destroy, and defend locations.

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It has pros and cons, but the cons are: There is no tutorial, meaning it can be hard to learn. It’s difficult to get the infantry out of the trucks, who can also easily get stuck themselves because they can’t reverse. If you don’t read the objectives, you won’t know what to do. 

The pros are: The game can run incredibly easily on almost any laptop, the buttons are in a corner for all the different commands, the map is very good for a game of its age, and the graphics, being 32-bit, have aged ok.

I like playing in countries other than Germany, but Germany is the easiest country to play in right now. I completed one mission with the Germans. It was somewhat hard, but I completed it. On the first mission, you have to capture a bridge, then a village, and then a munitions factory. On the second mission, you need to capture a train station and town whose bridge is broken. Then, move your unit to the other side of the map and build a pontoon bridge.

Now, the British campaign started with a lot of infantry and two guns, and then you needed to take trucks to some boilers. On the second mission, you must destroy the anti-aircraft guns for the bombers and then escape out the east side of the lake. Even though it’s a bit harder than the German campaign, I still enjoy playing it.

It was a good game back in the day but it could use some improvement. Such as showing an area to attack like in Sudden Strike 4. I think if there was a mod that shows the objective I would definitely download it. It is a very good game that more people should talk about. The price, $8.50 is a lot more affordable than the other games in the series.

Sudden Strike 2 is an enjoyable, affordable, and classic game that I think deserves an 8/10.

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