This article is a list of my favourite weapons in video games, going down the list they get progressively better and  look more aesthetically pleasing. Do keep in mind that this is only my opinion.

Before we get started, here are the honourable mentions.

Flaming Chicken (Chivalry 2)

Damage = big + fire + chicken (this is a joke)

The flaming chicken is single-handedly the most powerful throwing weapon in this game. Like, how the heck are you going to counter a chicken that’s on FIRE. While chickens by themselves aren’t very useful aside from blinding your opponent and fooling around, BUT chicken + fire = a very good weapon. Fire in Chivalry 2 hits like a dump truck and a mobile fire source is just insane.

Image: Torn Banner Studios

Push (Baldur’s Gate 3)

‘Push’ is an effective way to neutralize opponents quickly without wasting action points and it’s good if you need experience, are out of action points or just getting desperate.  It is good because the pushability of things depends on your strength (STR), so high strength tanks can easily protect your mage or other low health (HP)  characters. Push is good for people who actually like Shadowheart.

Image: Larian Studios

Now for the real list!!!!!

10. SLAB REVOLVER (Ultrakill)

The slab revolver is an alternate version of any marksman pistol like piercer sharpshooter. I like the slab revolver because, even though it’s slower to charage, it does much more damage.

Image: Hakita

The little battery signifies the charge of the piercing shot which is where you hold down left click and it charges a piercing shot which PIERCES through enemies. On top of being a piercer, the ‘slab’ status of the revolver means more PIERCE DAMAGE. If you’ve ever played ultrakill you know that more damage = big yes.

9. POLYLUTE (Risk of Rain 2)

Idk if this technically counts as a weapon but I think it’s really cool. Whenever you hit an enemy there is a 25% chance of you damaging the enemy 3 times in a row, (+3 per stack) with each blast dealing 60%! of your damage, but because there are 3 blasts it actually deals 180%!!!!! Like holy moly this is good, especially if you have 2 of them because THATS 360% DAMAGE, WHAT? This thing is a complete and utter run saver. The only downside is your first need one ukulele and a need a chance to find a corrupter.

Image: Hopoo Games and Gearbox Software

pedestal thing which corrupts the item but by corrupting the item every ukulele you get is automatically corrupted which is annoying. The normal ukulele is already very good. But otherwise play risk of rain or you stinky.

8. RIVERS OF BLOOD (Elden Ring)

This is for all of my edgy bleed mains out there. My god is this sword broken, even with the nerfs it got in the later updates, this thing’s range is deceiving. I cannot tell you the amount of times its range surprises me. The bleed build up takes around 3-4 hits and more for bosses, this is my go to if I’m fighting tanky enemies. The only real downside of this sword is getting it. You have to get to one of the last areas in the game and kill Bloody Dinger Okina WHO IS USING THE SWORD AGAINST YOU. And, as an aside, this is just a really pretty model.

Image: FromSoftware

6. NAIL (Hollow Knight)

The nail is the basic Hollow Knight weapon. It stays with you for the entirety of the game, at the start of the game it’s a badly cracked sword in desperate need of repair, but a quarter way through the game you have the option to repair it. Once you repair it you can also upgrade it [[MINOR SPOILER WARNING]].

To upgrade your nail, you need pale ore. The stuff is quite rare so don’t expect to get a lot of it but you can get it if you explore and defeat some bosses. There are other ways to boost your damage but upgrading your nail is permanent, and also the nail designs are sick. 

Image: Team Cherry

From left to right, old nail, sharpened nail, channeled nail, coiled nail, pure nail. Whenever you upgrade your nail the damage it deals increases. (Damage stats: 5 , 9 , 13 , 17 , 21)

Image: Team Cherry

5. GRAFTED BLADE (Elden Ring (again))

This sword is the embodiment of big sword = big damage. This sword does so much damage. The weapon art makes it EASIER TO CARRY AND STRONGER??? This sword is so good because you can get it early game, the only hard bit is getting past the boss and guards.

The boss is really easy to defeat if you have spirit summons, it’s basically just a free busted sword The only problem is the questline tied to it – it’s really easy to miss but it almost made me cry. Why would you do this to me from software? This weapon is so overpowered ALSO THIS MODEL IS GORGEOUS.

Image: FromSoftware


The dawnbreaker is such a cool sword but the quest to get this thing is a not easy, after all this thing is a daedric artefact which are some of the rarest tools and weapons in Skyrim, it requires the hardest quest to find and takes the  most experienced player to find. Let me explain the quest first, you got to find a crystal called the Meridia’s Beacon but it’s RANDOMISED IN ANY CHEST IN SKYRIM.  It took me 4 days of real life looking to find this thing and I was playing the anniversary edition so I had even more places to look.

Image: Bethesda

After that you gotta go to a dungeon and clear it out because an evil wizard, Malkoran, took over it with his shadow minions. In the end you fight Malkoran, this boss one-shot me on the first try with his ice spell so I recommend using a paralysis potion, then you can take the Dawn Breaker. It’s probably the coolest looking sword in the game.

Image: Bethesda


The super shotgun from Doom is a must-have if you want to rip and tear through the waves of demons inhabiting Inner Mars. Just look at this beautiful hunk of metal.

Image: Bethesda

What is even better is that it comes with a demon catcher aka THE MEATHOOK, the meathook basically just pulls in your enemies so you can shoot them better. This gun is the literal embodiment of redneck. too much ammo? Well just shoot both shells at the same time if you don’t want to kill, but obliterate your enemies and completely remove them from existence. That is the power that it holds and you can do it in style with this demon obliterator.

2. KIRKHAMMER (Bloodborne)

Can’t pick between a hammer and a sword? Then get the best of both worlds, introducing the all new KIRKHAMMER. Smash and slash at your hearts delight!

On top of being very cool looking, it’s very versatile because the sword is a fast  killing machine with not much reach but the hammer is so fun to bonk enemies with. Plus, the animations for it are just so smooth but the sound design is just so clunky. You can get it pretty early in the game but its so strong, this thing can carry you to the end of the game. It’s just perfect in all aspects and the model is perfect – the hammer part is all mangled like its been used a lot, but the sword is pristine and sharp and fast.  Oh ma gawd, is this thing just perfect there is no other way to describe it

…aaaaaand Number Oooooone.


The Holy Moonlight Blade is the coolest sword on the face on the Earth and the cutscene and boss tied to it is amazing. Like, would you not fight a giant horse guy named Ludwig the Holy Blade for this?? Also the story behind this sword is gut wrenching.

Image: FromSoftware
Image: FromSoftware

This dude is going ballistic in Phase One, but in phase two he sees his “guiding moonlight’ and then he GETS UP AND HE FINDS HIS SANITY ONE LAST TIME. even his music changes from a chaotic cacophony to a distinguished symphony and the music is just so good. Nobuyoshi Suzuki perfected these songs its just perfect.

But. Goddamn, did Elden Ring do this sword dirty. To be honest, the model in Elden Ring is very good but its doesn’t have as good of a story (read: no story) behind it. A version of the moonlight sword appears in all of From Software’s games, ranging from cool to meh. Bloodborne perfected this weapon, and that concludes this list and to be honest this last one is just a rant about the boss but the boss is kind of tied to the sword the lore and the gameplay make this sword just perfect and the boss fight is also very good.

And that concludes the top 10 best video game weapons ever made (from games I’ve played).

This list was so much fun to write and structure! Hope you liked reading it or at least got through the 1600-word long ramble! Byeeeeeeee….

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