Find The Chomiks: An Insult To Your Intellect

Do you think you’re smart? Do you have confidence in your intelligence? Well, Find The Chomiks is here to make you feel dumber than a rock, with puzzles that’ll make you question if you’re still playing a game and so many worlds that you’re sure to get lost once or twice. Without further ado, let’s dive into the mind-bending world of Find The Chomiks.

The objective of Find The Chomiks is simple: Find the Chomiks. Now, this might seem easy, but don’t be fooled- these little critters will have you using 100% of your brainpower, and even then, you might not find them. 

‘Find The ____’ Games are a popular genre of game on ROBLOX, usually involving a specific image, which is altered hundreds of times and placed around several maps for the player to collect. Find The Chomiks is one of these games, but don’t go in expecting it to be easy- because it is anything but.

The Chomiks that you’re tasked with collecting are scattered across several realms, some being readily accessible and others requiring you to solve puzzles to unlock them. These realms each have unique themes that make them stand out, along with a collection of themed Chomiks for you to find.

Image: Roblox

Not all Chomiks are created equal. Each is assigned a difficulty, which helps make the game accessible to all playstyles, like the Terrifying difficulty Chomik of Deep Caverns or the Hard difficulty Wandering Soul Chomik. If you’re up for the challenge, there are several Chomiks that are nearly impossible to find, such as the HAHA difficulty God Chomik.

Find The Chomiks features over 150 custom tracks that play as you explore the world, and each of these songs perfectly capture the feeling created by the area they’re assigned to. From fast-paced songs like RUN and Circuit Breaker, to grand ones like VENERATED WRATH and Surrender to Destiny, every song is a unique experience.

All in all, Find The Chomiks is a unique and engaging game that is great to play if you enjoy puzzles. If this game sounds like one you’d enjoy, I strongly advise that you try it out. It’s a great game, if you have the patience and persistence for it.

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