A Roblox Battlegrounds game that is unique. (Jujutsu Shenanigans)


Roblox Jujutsu Shenanigans is a unique Battlegrounds game that is based on the anime called “Jujutsu Kaisen”. The reason why Jujutsu Shenanigans is unique from the other games is because it has mass destruction where you can destroy buildings, subway stations and the ground. Although other battlegrounds games have destruction, it’s nothing compared to Jujutsu Shenanigans.

Here’s a tutorial on how to cause destruction in Jujutsu Shenanigans and it’s simple, you just need to use a skill or punch/kick. You can punch or kick any building, and that’s how you destroy it, but some skills are useful and can cause more mass destruction.

Even though destruction is a cool feature, there is also parkour where you can jump over any item, like fire extinguishers and trash cans. If you jump from a maximum height and land on the ground, you can roll like in those parkour videos.

The game only has three characters: Gojo, Itadori and Hakari.

Gojo is the strongest sorcerer, and some of his skills are powerful, these skills are; are Red Reversal, Lapse Blue, Maximum Blue, Maximum Red and Hollow Purple. Some skills do more damage to the opponent, and some skills do less. Gojo also has a special skill, which is teleporting. If you use Lapse Blue or Red Reversal and press the key “R”, you are able to teleport.

Here’s a tutorial on how to teleport during Lapse Blue and Red Reversal. In Lapse Blue, after you kick the opponent, press “R” to teleport. This will do more damage to the player.

To teleport in Red Reversal, you must go near a person, use Red Reversal and quickly press “R”. This will do a different variant of Red Reversal, or you can do all variants at once, using lapse blue. His awakening form is called “Six Eyes”, where he has four different ultimate skills; the 4th skill is called “Infinite Void”, which is his Domain Expansion move (Advanced Barrier technique). Infinite Void makes the opponent unable to think or move. 

There is a way to use the secret move called “Hollow Nuke”, it’s where you do a Maximum Blue finisher on a low player, then use Maximum Red skill. If you do everything correctly, it should create hollow purple, then the energy will explode everything around it.

Itadori is a 15-year-old teenager, he has some strong skills, like Divergent Fist, Crushing blow, Cursed Strikes and Manji Kick (counter move also known as parry). Divergent Fist and Cursed Strike both have a second variant. The second variant of Divergent Fist is called “Black Flash” This is a Distortion in space that happens when cursed energy is applied to a physical strike or hit within one-millionth of a second. Suppose you press it twice at the right time when he pulls back his fist to punch. Cursed Strike also has an air variant; if you jump and use the first move, the animation will show you down-slamming the enemy. His awakening form is called “King of Curses”, which is Sukuna’s side.

Sukuna is a cursed entity in Itadori’s body. He has some special skills, such as Dismantle, Open (Flame Arrow), Rush and Malevolent Shrine (Domain Expansion). He also has two special moves. The first special move is when you press the “R” key next to an opponent; the animation will show you grabbing the opponent by the neck, pushing the opponent far while slicing them at the same time. The second special move is called “World Slash” to activate it, you have to press four keys at the same time (1 (Dismantle), 3 (Rush), 2 (Open) and the R key), and you have to do it really fast. 

If you are on a mobile device and you want to use “World Slash”, press 1 (Dismantle), 3 (Rush), 2 (Open) and the star button.

Hakari is a third-year student. His moves are interesting, but only some are strong, such as Reserve Balls, Shutter Doors, Rough Energy and Fever Breaker. He also has a 5th move, which is a counter move (Parry). Hakari’s awakening is a Domain Expansion called “Idle Death Gamble”. When activated, you will first enter a white room; your objective is to survive inside and use visual abilities. You need to use two visual abilities to progress to a rich scenario. If the moves are successful, counter this with the “R” move and Reserve balls which don’t have to hit the enemy to count. Failing three scenarios will guarantee a jackpot on the next one. Shutter doors and a landed Fever Breaker doesn’t have to hit the enemy. Then, you enter a “Transit Card Scenario”, where the dummy has to pass the checkpoint. Alternatively, you would enter “The Travel Emergency Scenario”, where the dummy has to enter the bathroom. If the dummy fails, you will have to repeat the process, but if you fail three times, the fourth scenario is guaranteed to get you a jackpot, which will cause you to obtain stronger abilities and regeneration to heal any damage. The moves you will get if you complete the process are Lucky Volley (Rapid barrage of punches that also sends the opponent away), Lucky Rushdown (Short Sprint that also grabs the enemy if you collide with them; after that, the enemy is thrown in the air and you punch midair), Overwhelming Luck (Long lasting run that also grabs the enemies damages them and at the end, you throw them away) and Energy Surge (Leap ground punch, followed by kicking the opponent midair into the ground). The special “R” move of parrying abilities is substituted by rhythm (Dancing), which increases the speed of your attack.

Since there are new updates in the game, Hakari is now free to play, and there is a new early-access character named Megumi. Gojo also has an update where if you use “Maximum Red Reversal” after you shoot the red energy and then hold the “R” key, it will do an animation variant where you use “Black Flash” on the enemy.

Overall, Jujutsu Shenanigans is a great and goofy shenanigans (Silly or mischief) game to play on Roblox, and it’s free. I hope that they will add new things to the game in the future.

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