Forts Review

Forts is an RTS (Real Time Strategy) game on Steam created by Earthwork Games. The aim of the game is to destroy the enemy fort using a variety of weaponry.

Nuclear43’s Googology

[x]{a,b,c} = α_b||([x]{a,b,c-1})
[x]{a,b,1} = [x]{a,b}
α_1(0) = x
α_k|||n(m) = α_k|||n-1^α_k|||n-1(m)(m)
α_n(m) = α_n-1|||m(m)
a|||b = a||(a|||b-1)
a||b = a concatenated to b
α_1(n) = α_1(n-1){α_1(n-1)}α_n-1
a{c}b = a{c-1}(a{c}b-1)
a{0}b = ab