Dream Flash demo 19

Dream Flash is a rogue-like bullet hell game created by RamafParty. It was recently updated to the 19th demo, which added a new boss, new music, resprites, and made the game easier to mod. As of now, the game has not fully released yet, but the demo is currently available on Steam.

Forts Review

Forts is an RTS (Real Time Strategy) game on Steam created by Earthwork Games. The aim of the game is to destroy the enemy fort using a variety of weaponry.

Nuclear43’s Googology

[x]{a,b,c} = α_b||([x]{a,b,c-1})
[x]{a,b,1} = [x]{a,b}
α_1(0) = x
α_k|||n(m) = α_k|||n-1^α_k|||n-1(m)(m)
α_n(m) = α_n-1|||m(m)
a|||b = a||(a|||b-1)
a||b = a concatenated to b
α_1(n) = α_1(n-1){α_1(n-1)}α_n-1
a{c}b = a{c-1}(a{c}b-1)
a{0}b = ab