Fortnite Leaks

Fortnite has a bunch of new things coming soon, and I, the writer of this article, am here to talk to you about them. Some of them are guaranteed and some are most likely. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Image: Epic Games

First, let’s start with weapon mods, this will most likely be coming out next season. Weapon mods are things like scopes, extended grip, and other things, like in Call of Duty and GTA. I’m excited. This will help you with your guns and give you an advantage with them!

Image: Epic Games

Next, we have Fire Extinguishers. Do you ever get annoyed by the fires in Fortnite? Well maybe in the future, you will be able to put them out. With this Fire Extinguisher, you can also use it as a smoke grenade., Now that’s cool! You don’t need to build in brick anymore to avoid the fires, just use the fire extinguisher!

Image: Epic Games

Did you ever want the Travis Scott skin, but never got a chance to pick it up? Well, don’t fret because the Travis Scott set is coming back to Fortnite. Soon, get ready to go Sicko Mode again! Skins include Travis Scott himself and Astro Jack, an astronaut based on the decoration used at the Astro World tours.

Image: Epic Games

So, you know the show WandaVision, right? Well, there might be a skin of Wanda and Vision, People hope this will come out because the show’s good! It would make people happy! It’s understandable because a while ago, we had a Marvel collaboration. So, it makes sense that WandaVision could be coming to Fortnite!

Image: Epic Games

There are NPCs around the map and some of them are storyline related. For example, Bunker Jonesy. But there will be a new NPC that will be the most storyline-related one. Midas is coming as an NPC to Fortnite. About three seasons ago, Midas built a device to push back the storm, because he believed it would stop the loop, (the reason you can play the game repeatedly), but it failed. Now, we don’t know what happened to Midas, but since he will be a new NPC, we’ll get some answers to the storyline.

Now, here is a less interesting one.

A new emote will be coming to Fortnite. It’s called Lil’ Bounce, it’s a traversal emote and lets you drive in a lowrider, it’s pretty cool and will make you look stylish.

So, prepare yourself and get ready for these items and cosmetics!

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  1. Kinda sad that the game died off. The game looks decent and was fun to play, but the building really made me get sick of it. Just having somebody build 6 room house in 10 seconds was almost unbeatable and I got sick of these build fights that were impossible to beat unless I invested my life into learning how to build better.

    Like, if there was a mode without building or with a lot less building, I maybe would still like the game.

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