Fortnite Tips And Tricks

Just imagine, you’re playing Fortnite, you are in Pleasant Park, you are having fun until a soccer skin builds a tower to the top of the map and destroys you. It’s getting annoying, isn’t it? You want to play a nice game of Fortnite then a Dynamo or Aura skin jumps you. Well luckily, I am here to help you during these hard Fortnite times. 

Image: Epic Games (Season 8 Battle Pass Main Art)

Here are some things NOT to do. First, when you are fighting someone, do not just stand still; make sure you build up walls, jump around, and crouch so they cannot hit you. Also, if you are a controller or pc player, do not use exponential sensitivity – you can change this in settings. There are a bunch of things you should not do, too much for me to write. 

Image: Epic Games (Season 7 Trailer)

Now, here are some tips and tricks. First, make sure you harvest materials; materials are important. Practice is also important. You know they say: practice makes perfect. I would recommend using Creative mode to help with this. 

Remember that there are a lot of Fortnite Youtubers who are gods at the game. e.g., FreshBugha, Ninja, etc. Watching these Youtubers could help inspire you. You can see how they edit and build, etc. 

Your settings change how the game works, like key binds and sensitivity. A recommendation for playing better is to not use settings that Fortnite gods use; use settings that you are comfortable with, experiment with the settings, and try them out. I would also recommend that you slow down your aim sensitivity, it could help you with your aim. 

Another effective way to improve is not for the game but for you, confidence and positivity could boost your playing. It makes you think that it works and then it does. Look at Fresh and Lachlan, they boost their confidence and do amazing at the game. 

Image: Epic Games (Season 5)

One final tip for improving is encouragement, so here is some encouragement from me to you. Do not panic. You got this. Believe in yourself! Stay calm and be positive!

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