Terrible DS Games

The Nintendo DS is known for having an absolute behemoth catalogue of games. Granted most are bad or from companies wanting to make some money, but there are still an amazing number of games to choose from. Whether you like platformers, fighting games, hack and slashers, or even shooting games. The DS has it all! 

Like I said earlier, it has a lot of terrible games, an example of one is Chicken Shoot. This game not only made itself onto the Nintendo DS, but also the Wii, mobile devices and even the Game Boy Advance. The game is very self-explanatory, you shoot chickens. Either with your Wii remote or the Stylis if you’re playing on the DS. Each level you go to different areas, you start off on the farm then the European Forest, Nevada, Denmark, Himalaya, The North Pole, Hawaii, Egypt, China, The Everglades, and finally The Giant Nest. The controls feel very clunky and it just gets boring after a while. And yes, I played it for this review… I’m in pain. 

Image: Frontline Studios / Calaris Studios

Don’t we all just love Jenga? What about bringing it onto the Nintendo DS and Wii? Developed by Atomic Planet Entertainment, the wonderful company that bought us games like Jackie Chan AdventuresSuperStar Danceclub and even a Bob the Builder game for the DS, PS2 and Wii. I’m also noticing a theme here, a lot of these bad games on the DS are also usually put on the Wii as well. Like Chicken Shoot, it’s very self-explanatory. It’s Jenga but worse!  

Duke Nukem: Critical Mass had no reason to be made, but they made it… and failed. When I think of Duke Nukem I usually do not think that it should be put on the DS, I don’t think anyone did. The game does not look that good but that’s something you can ignore. One thing you cannot ignore though is that the game does not feel good to play one bit! I personally call the game Duke Nukem: Critical Disaster because that is what it is. For a franchise that is known for being this super-fast-paced game where and I quote you “kickass and chew bubble gum” this game is boring. 

Image: Deep Silver

I’m really hoping that the Nintendo Switch doesn’t start getting filled up with terrible games like this! 


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