The Best Game You’ve Never Played


I bet that there are a lot of games that you’ve not played that could become one of your favorite games. Day of Defeat: Source is a game that I’ve been playing more and more over time and when I showed it to my friend they got extremely hooked and couldn’t stop playing. 

Image: Valve

Day of Defeat: Source is a multiplayer FPS set in WW2 developed by Valve. The game was released on the 27th of September 2005, 15 years ago. Day of Defeat: Source is a remake of its predecessor Day of Defeat that was made in the GoldSrc engine, and like the name Day of Defeat: Source was made in Source engine. Day of Defeat: Source has two teams, the U.S. army and the Wehrmacht. Each team has six classes: Rifleman, Assault, Support, Sniper, Machine Gunner and the Rocket class. Each class has certain weapons they can use, but each team’s classes have different weapons.  

Image: Valve

There are two game modes, Territorial Control and Demolition. Territorial Control has 6 maps and Demolition has 2 maps. I notice that whenever I play, I seem not to worry about the maps much, this is because a lot of servers have custom maps. There are a lot of good custom servers in Day of Defeat and a lot of them add stuff that weren’t in the base game to make your experience better. The game is $15 and even though it doesn’t get many updates it’s still a great game to pick up! 


    1. Yeah sorry I should have said that, I thought people would catch on because the game is created by Valve and they only release games on Steam (since they own it)

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