NottJett Is Nott Just Another Gamer

NottJett, who is 15 years old and goes to Templestowe College, is a writer here at Yelling At Children. He is one of the new writers that joined the team this year. Although he chose Level Up, he didn’t join because he wanted to write about games, like most, but because he wanted to improve his sentence structures.

NottJett has great study habits, good friends and family, good grades, and a passion for gaming. He is hopeful to get into Pre-VCE Methods next term despite it being a year level ahead. Although he has a good life, it doesn’t mean his life is perfect. He is still just an ordinary teenager with problems of his own.

Of all the times I’ve been with NottJett, whether it be passing each other in the hallway or when he plays badminton in the morning, he has always exuded a sense of calmness. This makes me think that he is really aware of his surroundings, he doesn’t care much about things that don’t concern him, or he has a lot of feelings that he is suppressing.

NottJett drinks tea instead of coffee. Why? Because he doesn’t like the amount of caffeine it has and ‘does not like the flavour’. How is that possible? I do not know, but I won’t judge any further, and just say — To each their own.

NottJett likes personal fitness. He said that it is scientifically proven that doing heavy physical activity helps reduce stress, but NottJett also does it because he wants to improve himself. This might also be one of the reasons why he always seems so calm.

When he first got into gaming, he was just a kid. He was watching his uncle play Overwatch and really liked the gameplay. He asked his parents to buy the game for him, but his uncle bought it instead. He then went on to enjoy playing Overwatch for the  many years while picking up games like Minecraft along the way.

Because NottJett’s uncle bought Overwatch for him, they would often play Overwatch together, but since then NottJett has developed his own preferences that conflict with his uncle’s. They used to play a lot before, but now it is rare for them to play together. NottJett still has a good relationship with his uncle despite not playing as often anymore.

As most gamers out there know, it gets to a point where you need to spend money to buy games. For NottJett, his way of earning money is the holidays. NottJett has a huge extended family and whenever holidays like Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year come, so do trips with extended family. With a big extended family, uncles, aunts, and grandparents will give money to their nieces, nephews and grandchildren as tradition.

Despite gaming being a hobby, sometimes it is used as a form of escapism. For NottJett, this was the case for a short period of time. He would stay up gaming until seven in the morning, go to sleep until eight at night and continue the process. While this was happening, he ate very unhealthily: eating junk food cup noodles for main meals. Fortunately, this only happened while he was on holidays. Normally, NottJett is very hard working, and studying at least three hours a day. Despite studying that much, NottJett still finds the time to game and hang out with friends. This shows that it is possible to be a good student while also being a gamer and having a healthy social life.

Whilst being a gamer for years, NottJett has concluded that gaming is supposed to be fun. It might seem obvious at first, but everyone seems to forget this fact. Some people game too competitively at times. This is not to say that being competitive is bad, but when people rage by breaking their keyboards and putting their fist through their monitors, this fact becomes more apparent. Sometimes, even NottJett rages because he is not perfect, and everyone would be mad if they get their ace stolen from them by a noob that wasn’t paying attention. Even though other people game as a career, for the majority of the people that game, gaming should be done for fun. Hopefully, the gaming community will not lose sight of that.

Since joining the Yelling At Children team, NottJett has improved his sentence structure a lot, which is what he sought out to do, but sadly he will be leaving the team next semester. NottJett plans on doing business management in the future, and he thinks that taking Pre-VCE Psychology will help with that. Hopefully NottJett will be able to acquire the knowledge he is hoping to, for his future.

Written by Zepherus.

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