An Advanced Guide For The D6

The D6 is an item that is adored by The Binding Of Issac Repentance community; it has the power to reroll every item pedestal in the room that the player is currently in.

To obtain the D6, you need to defeat “Issac” as the character “???” or more popularly known as “Blue Baby”. In this guide, I will be going over in advanced detail how to obtain the ultimate dice from a fresh save file.

Your first main goal to obtain the D6, Is to unlock the character “Azasel”, who, although has very bad range has a substantial amount of damage that will help you unlock the D6. To unlock “Azasel” you have to take three devil deals in 1 game, after taking the 3rd deal you must at least have half a heart left for it will not count towards unlocking Azasel.

Devil deals are slightly complicated to understand, but I will try to simplify them as much as possible. On the 2nd floor of the run, you will have a guaranteed chance to get a devil deal after entering the boss room and defeating the boss of the current floor, but if you take damage on the floor the chance for that devil deal lowers quite alot, but this only gets lowered if a red heart is depleted for example: if you were to have a red heart and a soul heart when you take damage it would deplete the soul heart but if you took damage again now that the soul heart is gone my chances for the deal would deplete because the red heart you had was depleted, this chance also decreases further if you take damage in the boss room, even if you take no damage outside of the boss room and then get to the boss room and get hit by the bosses projectile or melee attack it will count for getting hit in a non boss room and a boss room so even if you enter the boss room with a 100% chance for a devil deal and get hit once the chance will get depleted to as low as it can possibly go.

Also, if you miss a devil deal on a floor on the next floor, it will reset and be a 100% chance again, but if you get the devil deal on the next floor, the chances for one will be at about 38% instead with the same depleting red hearts mechanic applying to the chance.

This also applies to angel deals, which we will not be covering in this article.

When you have unlocked “Azasel”, you just have to kill “Moms heart” 10 times to unlock the character “???” or also known as “Blue baby”, so this next chapter will be how to have successful runs to reach the ten kills goals alot quicker!

Starting a new run as “Azasel”, you will see that he shoots a blood-red beam similar to the Quality 4 item “Brimstone” Although Brimstone has extremely long range, “Azasel” has a very short range at the start, forcing you to get closer to enemies to drain their health, luckily brimstone does unholy amounts of damage, allowing you to quickly kill enemies, mostly giving them no time even to attack you before they get turned into dust, even bosses are no match for this beam of death. Dealing up to even a 4th of a bosses health in one fully charged shot, brimstone is a charged weapon, so you will have to hold down the attack button before releasing it for a powerful blast to obliterate enemies.

Image: McMillen and Himsl

“Azasel” also starts with flight allowing him to fly over, Spikes, Rocks Metal and all other objects that block you way, flight also allows him to go into cursed rooms without taking damage, but only on the way in the cursed room, flying into a cursed room will allow no damage to be taken for entry but when you exit you will take damage, although weird it is quite useful to know.

If you survive long enough to enter one of the following floors, Womb, Scarred Womb or Utero, Congrats! you made it into chapter 4, this chapter introduces a very annoying mechanic called double damage, and although that may seem very nice, it’s not you who is doing double damage, it’s you who is taking double damage, so be careful at all times because now you will be taking full hearts instead of half hearts, effectively cutting you hp in half.

The “Moms Heart” boss is fought on one of the following floors: Womb 2, Utero 2 or Scarred Womb 2. When defeating “Moms Heart”, a chest will spawn in front of you and interacting with it will end the current run, giving you an Eden token along with an ending; Eden tokens are not something we will be going over in this guide but a shortened version, it unlocks the character Eden that will use an Eden token when chosen to play as if the player has no Eden tokens Eden will not be able to be played as.

When you have defeated “Moms Heart”, Congratulations you only have to defeat “Moms Heart” 9 more times, but if it gets boring killing the same boss over and- over, don’t fret because a “Moms Heart” kill will count for every character that killed it, so don’t be afraid to try new characters out and have fun finding out their weird quirks that make it harder to easier to play according to your play style.

When you have defeated “Mom’s Heart” for the 10th time, you will have unlocked the character “???” Also known as “Blue Baby” ” although he has been unlocked, you have one more thing to do before your final run: choose to play as “Azasel” again, or whatever character you like to play and beat “Moms heart” once more this will unlock the boss “It lives” the new form that forever replaces “Moms heart” after you have killed it lives you will have unlocked the cathedral, to get to the cathedral you must take the newly spawned beam of light that will now spawn after beating it lives.

Now it’s time for the final stretch, getting the D6; chose the character “Blue Baby” and get back to the boss “It lives” and kill it again, after it is killed you must take the beam of light that spawns after “It lives” has been defeated, this will take you to the floor “cathedral”.

After you explore the depths of the cathedral, you will run into the boss room; get ready, as this will be your final fight towards unlocking the almighty D6; when entering the room “Issac” will be lying on the floor waiting for you to attack him, when provoked he will attack you with many bullet hell style attacks that you will have to dodge. After all of the pain of grinding away the “Mom Heart” kills, after defeating “Issac”, you will have the ending screen, along with a beautiful new piece of paper saying you have unlocked the D6.

Thank you for reading this article; I hope you enjoyed and or learned something new! 🙂

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