Bring Back Among Us

Among Us is the best game to play if your favourite genre of games is to solve puzzles, complete challenges, and interrogate your friends and other players. In the game, there are up to 15 people, 3 of which are the imposters. Sometimes, the imposter is your friend…   

Image : InnerSloth

If you are a crewmate, the aim of the game is to complete missions in a ship and try to find out who the imposters are. And if you are an imposter, the aim of the game is to act like you are a crewmate and try to kill all players and win the game without being caught. The game has a button in the middle of the map which allows you to call a meeting where you talk about who the imposter could be, then they can try to vote out the most suspicious player. Whoever gets the highest number of votes will die. If the crewmates manage to vote out all of the imposters, the crew win.  

People play this game because it is an intense, but highly enjoyable  game. Whether you win or lose, the game is still very entertaining. Most people who play Among Us want to be an imposter to test how good they are at lying and acting. And not to mention that it’s way more fun to play as an imposter then a crewmate. 

Image : Innersloth
Image : InnerSloth

Honestly, this game was not popular when it was first launched in 2018. However, streamers eventually discovered the game and started live-streaming Among Us. These streams grew in popularity and the game developed a large fanbase over time. Around the 2020 lockdowns, the game officially blew up and everyone was playing it to spend time with loved ones across the world. By around 2021, the game started to lose popularity, presumably because players became burnt out after playing it nonstop.

Today there aren’t many people playing the game anymore and fans who still play the game are even made fun of by other people. With all that being said, I’m still a proud fan of this game and I think it deserves to gain back its popularity. Anyone else up for another round?

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