Nuclear43’s Googology

[x]{a,b,c} = α_b||([x]{a,b,c-1})
[x]{a,b,1} = [x]{a,b}
α_1(0) = x
α_k|||n(m) = α_k|||n-1^α_k|||n-1(m)(m)
α_n(m) = α_n-1|||m(m)
a|||b = a||(a|||b-1)
a||b = a concatenated to b
α_1(n) = α_1(n-1){α_1(n-1)}α_n-1
a{c}b = a{c-1}(a{c}b-1)
a{0}b = ab

How Your Computers Are Made

Computer with internal LED RGB lights and CPU cooling fans, hardware inside open high performance desktop PC. The open gaming computer for wallpaper. Concept of computer repair and technology.

Chances are you’ve probably wondered how your computer was made. It’s actually not as mysterious a process as you might think! There are eight main components that work in sync with each-other to let you play video-games, watch YouTube, or even read this article.